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FAQs - Angel-Eyes | HALOs | Daytime Running Lights

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Our daytime running lights are fully tested and checked before they leave our store. If you have any questions about our daytime running lights, we ask you to check out our most frequently asked questions on this subject. If you cannot find the answer that you want, then please contact us either through our customer service phone line or email.

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Daytime Running Lights - DRL

Halo Headlights Rings

  • What are “Angel Eyes” or “Demon Eye Halo Rings“?
  • What makes up halo rings?
  • How long will these lights really last?
  • What are street legal colors for halos?
  • What kind of look can I achieve with halo lights?
  • Is there any additional wiring needed?
  • Will installing a halo kit void the warranty on my vehicle?

  • HID - High-Intensity Discharge Lamps

    What are Daytime Running Lights?

    Daytime running lights are headlights that come on automatically once the vehicle is started. The headlights stay on until the engine is turned off. In the European Union and Canada, daytime running lights are mandatory, but not as of yet in the United States. Only during dusk hours and poor visibility conditions such as with bad weather are headlights required in the US for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

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    Why should you get Daytime Running Lights?

    Daytime running lights make your vehicle easier for other drivers and pedestrians to see, which helps prevent collisions and accidents. Daytime running lights allow your vehicle to be seen at roughly twice the distance than without DRL. As a result, drivers and pedestrians are more likely to see you and avoid colliding with your vehicle. This is especially important at higher speeds, when there is less time to react.

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    How can I Install Daytime Running Lights?

    Universal daytime running lights are connected to the existing wiring or directly to the battery if needed. There are some LED daytime running lights that come with additional wires so that they can be used for different functions.

    If you should have any questions about installing our LED daytime running lights, please contact us by sending an email or by phone so we can help you install your lights correctly.

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    Which LED Daytime Running Lights will fit my vehicle?

    Universal LED daytime running lights will fit all vehicles and come in various sizes as well to fit the housing for cars and trucks. We recommend that you measure the dimensions of the housing units in your vehicle so that you can choose the right size daytime running LEDs. If you are not sure of the size required, you can call our customer service line or send us an email for assistance.

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    What if my Daytime Running Lights are also my High Beams?

    If your daytime running lights are also your high beam, switching to LED's should not be a problem. There are special kits available that allow LEDs to function as both daytime running lights and high beams.

    However, LEDs are not quite as bright as standard high beam lights, although they will work in that capacity. This is because LEDs are directional lights that work off of a lower wattage than incandescent bulbs.

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    Are additional components needed to use LEDs as daytime running lights?

    Yes. Most vehicles will need resistors or harnesses or decoders to have the lights function properly. The vehicles that need extra equipment include, but are not limited to, the following;

    • Acura/Honda
    • Audi
    • BMW
    • Lexus/Toyota
    • Mercedes Benz

    However, some vehicles that are part of this list, such as the newer models of Subaru and Toyota, do not require any additional components. We can answer the question of whether your vehicle needs extra components, just send us an email or call our customer service line.

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    What Manufacturers Install Daytime Running Lights?

    The following manufactures install daytime running lights on their vehicles.

    • Most US Manufacturers
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Subaru
    • Toyota
    • Volkswagen
    • Volvo

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    What are “Angel Eyes” or “Demon Eye Halo Rings“?

    These are alternative light arrangements to the standard daytime running lights (DRL) found on many vehicles. Created by BMW, the angel and demon halo lights surround the outside edge of the housing of each headlight. When your vehicle is operating, the angel or demon eyed DRL will light up and create a light pattern.

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    What makes up halo rings?

    There are three types of halo rings, CCFL, Plasma and SMD;

    Plasma: Plasmas use solid-state lighting technology and feature many semiconductors that turn the plasma into a larger LED. The design is crafted for high packing density, increased thermal management, and optimal performance. Brighter than standard LED halo lights, plasma also appears as a solid ring instead of separated “dots” of halo DRLs.

    CCFL: Using established fluorescent technology, these cold cathode halo lighting kits provide even application of light that can last up to 50,000 hours of continual use.

    However, CCFL's need an external power supply. Every Oracle CCFL Halo Kit System comes with XE power inverters as well as a lifetime warranty..

    SMD: The surface mounted diode (SMD) is made with an advanced LED chip designed to put out a considerable amount of light while using only a fraction of the power, compared to factory standard incandescent bulbs. The chips are placed on a CAD crafted six-layer printed circuit board (PCB) which is durable and pressure-resistant. The PCB is usually mounted to the headlight housing with 3M adhesive backing.

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    How long will these lights really last?

    There are few lights that can match CCFL, SMD and Plasma for their longevity

    - CCFL: 50,000 hours of continuous use

    - SMD: 60,000 hours of continuous use

    - Plasma: 100,000 hours of continuous use

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    What are street legal colors for halos?

    Across the US, only white and amber are considered street legal. Please be aware that driving laws vary from state to state, so be sure to consult with your local state's regulations before choosing a particular color.

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    What kind of look can I achieve with halo lights?

    Each of the halo lighting systems offers your vehicle a different look. For example, CCFL halos offer a softer, ambient glow. Additionally, CCFL halos have a very smooth output which displays wonderfully at night. However, CCFLs are the dimmest during the daytime hours. SMD offers an intense, bright illumination that is quite popular. Plasma combines CCFL and SMD technology for the best of both worlds!

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    Is there any additional wiring needed?

    The “Plug and Play” connectors that are packaged in the Halo Kits allow the inverter to be plugged directly into the parking light. The factory headlight switch will turn them on or off.

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    Will installing a halo kit void the warranty on my vehicle?

    Since the electrical system of the vehicle is not compromised, most dealerships will treat halo lights the same way as fog-lights. Your warranty should be safe, however you should contact your dealership just in case.

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    Are HID Conversion Kits compatible with Daytime Running Lights?

    No. It is not recommended that you use HID conversion kits because they run at a different voltage (12v) than daytime running lights (6v), so they will not run correctly.

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    What are the color temperatures of lights?

    There are a number of different lights available each with their own unique color temperature.

    3000K: This particular light emits a golden yellow color and makes for excellent fog lights. 3000K lights offer superior illumination in dense fog. These are generally used for high beam and fog light applications.

    4300K:. This is a white light that also has a strong, yellowish hue. It is perfect for low-light, off-road conditions.

    6000K: This is pure, white light that contains hints of purple and blue. For customers who want a pure white light to emanate from their headlights, this is the color temperature you’re looking for!

    8000K: Featuring an output of roughly 3000 lumens, which is three times the amount of typical halogen bulbs, this particular light is not quite as bright as the 6000K, but it does offer a more bluish hue which makes them well suited for many vehicles.

    10,000K: With an output of 2800 lumens, twice as much as standard halogen lights, this particular light offers a deep bluish hue that is close to being violet. This one’s perfect if you’re looking for a blue glow.

    12,000K: Putting out a white light with the deepest blue hues that are very close to violet, this particular light is for customers who want the most exotic street legal look!

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    Oracle warranty coverage

    All Oracle products have a specific coverage time which means that if something should happen to them that fall within the guidelines of the warranty coverage, Oracle will work with the customer to replace the defective light.

    Oracle Lighting - Company Products:

    One Year Warranty

    • Xenon Flashlights
    • LED Flashlights
    • Scanners
    • Wheel Rings
    • GOBOS
    • Remotes
    • Strobe Lights
    • Projectors
    • DRLs
    • Sealed Beam Headlights

      • Two Year Warranty

        • Off-Road Products
        • Marine Products
        • Concept Strip
        • Illuminated Emblems
        • Mirrors
        • Sidemarkers

        Three Year Warranty

        • Home Lighting Products

        Lifetime Warranty

        • Halo Kits
        • Interior LED Bulbs
        • HID Kits/HID Bulbs/HID Ballasts
        • LED Strip
        • DEPO Headlights/Fog Lights

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        I cannot find the answer to my question, now what do I do?

        We recommend that you look at all of the appropriate FAQ pages to find your answer. But if you cannot find what you are looking for, then we recommend that you call our customer service line or send us an email and we will answer your question promptly.

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