Chevy is well known for producing large, full-size pickup trucks – but this could change if the rumors are true. According to Jalopnik, conversations with GM engineers have revealed a new effort to produce a smaller, LUV-type pickup truck. For US consumers, this would represent a profound transformation. LUV-type pickups are completely different from the way Chevrolet has been building and marketing their trucks over the past twenty years.

While Chevy does make LUV pickup trucks in other countries, they have never promoted any in the US. In Brazil, Chevy offers the Montana LUV which has enjoyed considerable success. However, the marketplace for smaller pickups in the US is trumped when compared to their counterparts.


The purpose behind this potential move may be the Chevy sees an opening in the truck market where a pickup with good fuel mileage would offer a potent alternative to the full-size pickups and SUVs on the market.

Why the sudden change of heart? Perhaps Chevy sees a demand for alternative vehicles in the market. While LUV pickups are more affordable and provide good fuel mileage, only time will tell if Chevy made the right move. Chevy’s bold move will surely encourage other car manufacturers to innovate. Competitors like GM are bound to make more inroads into the automotive marketplace.

Critics argued that the 2014 model half-ton trucks from GMC and Chevy did not meet their standards. They wanted the vehicles’ body and power train to be redesigned, yet neither manufacturer delivered. As a result, GM took a risk by creating a pair of midsize pickups for a shrinking segment of the marketplace. This was the first time in decades that GM made such a move. Today, it appears GM may continue to make even smaller pickup models.

Remember, it’s mostly all rumors and buzz. Still if these rumors are true, consumers will witness a transformation in the vehicles Chevy and GM produce for the coming year.

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Photo credit: General Motors