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Mini Lighting Accessories

The automotive industry has enjoyed many new innovations in recent years that range from improved engine design, Mini Accessories and Parts, including the introduction of LED lights. ShopPMLIT offers a wide variety of LED lights for the Mini to help enhance your vehicle by providing clean, bright light while using but a fraction of the electricity of traditional bulbs. The LED or light emitting diode is technology that is actually well over a century old, but thanks to recent advances in material production and electronic technology, the LED is now replacing traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs all around the world. In the automotive industry, LED lights are now being used for headlights, taillights, interior, license place, decorative and a host of other uses as well. You can use the ShopPMLIT catalog for a full display of the different types of LEDs available for your Mini.

For headlights, LEDs provide clean, bright light that illuminates the road better than traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs, yet they generate far less glare which can help with avoiding accidents from oncoming traffic. LEDs also use just a fraction of the electricity needed by incandescent bulbs. This means far less pull on your Mini’s electrical system to run other items such as the air conditioner, stereo and the like. Plus, LED bulbs are very durable and can withstand impacts to a greater degree as well. Under normal use, LEDs may even outlast your vehicle. For more information about LED lights for your Mini, please visit the ShopPMLIT online catalog that features a number of high quality LED lights. If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit our frequently asked question or FAQ pages which focus or contact us directly through our website via email or customer service phone line. At ShopPMLIT, we are here to help you find the right LED lights for your Mini.

About Mini the brand

The Mini is certainly one of the most celebrated compact vehicles ever produced. Created by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), the Mini became an instant hit thanks to its creative use of interior space which actually provided more room than many larger models of its era and influenced auto designs for the future. In fact, the Mini was voted the 2nd most influential vehicle of the 20th century right behind the Ford Model T. In some ways, the Mini is the British version of the Volkswagen Beetle, a highly popular compact car in its own right. Enjoying worldwide success, the Mini has certainly been one of the most popular, durable and highly appreciated sub-compact vehicles ever to hit the road.

The origins of the Mini are certainly interesting, having been designed for the BMC by Sir Alec Issigonis in the late 1950s. This distinctive two-door design made its debut in 1959 and went on to be produced in one form or another over the rest of the 20th century. The Mini was marketed under the names of Austin and Morris which flipped back and forth until 1969 when it became the Mini in its own right. However, this name change continued through the 1980s as well with Austin and Morris each getting used in the title. The Mini proved to be an instant hit with drivers in the UK, thanks primarily to the fuel economy and remarkable floor space available for both passengers and storage. Because the Mini was a front-wheel drive vehicle, there was no “hump” in the floorboard which was normally for the drive shaft. All in all, the Mini enjoyed a number of variations from the standard, classic model to include a pickup truck, estate car and the famed Mini-Moke, a jeep-type vehicle which was highly popular as well. As popular as these versions were with the public, one of the more surprising outcomes of the Mini was the racing versions created to the Monte Carlo Rally. The revved-up Mini Cooper and Cooper “S” versions were not only sportier, but they won for consecutive Monte Carlo Rallies from 1964 to 1967, albeit with one odd disqualification in 1966 due to a questionable ruling for the combination of headlights and spotlights which disqualified other British entries as well.

One interesting promotion for the Mini line occurred when the vehicle made an appearance in “The Italian Job”, a very popular movie that helped to push sales of this remarkable vehicle. One major release was the Clubman which came out in 1969. A boxier, more remodeled version of the Mini, it enjoyed some success as the 1960s ended with over 2 million Minis in total being sold. With its unique, distinctive look and excellent fuel mileage, the Mini remained a very popular vehicle through the end of the 1960s and well into the 1970s. However, the US market for the Mini had dried up and it was regulated to mostly European countries where it continued to thrive, selling over five million units in total by the end of 1980s.?? ?? The 1990s saw great change for the Mini line as BMW purchased the company in 1994 by taking over the Rover Group which owned BMC. With the Rover Group losing money, BMW sold off most of the assets it had purchased, most notably the Land Rover to Ford. But they held on to the Mini as it ended its first production run in England in 2000.

While official production ended in 2000, the US market which had not seen the Mini since 1968 was reintroduced to the line thanks to the Mini Cooper hatchback in 2002. One of the more interesting developments in the popularity of the Mini in the US was due to a remake of “The Italian Job” which once again featured the Mini. Today, the Mini line of vehicles includes the Cooper, Cooper S and Clubman versions. There is also a convertible version of the Cooper and Cooper S available as well. The Mini has certainly enjoyed a rich, full history over the past half century and will continue to be embraced by car enthusiasts around the world for its unique appearance, excellent fuel economy and wonderful versatility.