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Infiniti Lighting Accessories

One aspect of the Infiniti that has been greatly enhanced by Infiniti Accessories and Parts, new technology is the introduction of the light emitting diode or LED. The LED offers the Infiniti the same brightness and brilliance of traditional incandescent or halogen technologies, but at a much lower cost in terms of electricity. This means far less pull on the vehicle’s electrical system, but there are other advantages as well.

Like other luxury and sport vehicles, the Infiniti has benefited greatly from aftermarket LED lights that owners use to augment their cars, crossovers and SUVs. LEDs offer many advantages that have helped create new demand for this emerging technology.

LEDs can be used as headlights, taillights, interior lights and a host of illumination sources. ShopPMLIT has a wide variety of LEDs for Infiniti vehicles and many other makes and models. Please shop our online catalog for a full selection of LED lights. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us through our website either via email or our customer service line.

About Infiniti the car brand

The Infiniti line of luxury vehicles is one of the most popular in the world, featuring over 230 dealers in 15 countries. Infiniti is a division of Nissan, one of the most powerful automotive firms in Japan. The Infiniti label is not actually used in Japan for this luxury line, but is used outside the country to help distinguish it from the other Nissan vehicles that are produced.

The brand name Infiniti carries the same meaning as the English word with only the final letter being changed. The Infiniti logo is one of a road extending into the horizon or stretching into “Infiniti”.

In the United States, the Infiniti brand was officially launched in 1989. The marketing strategy from Nissan was to create a line of luxury vehicles that would appeal to American consumers without invoking the image of Nissan’s other vehicles. ??The launch of Infiniti was done in response to Toyota and Honda who had previously initiated the Lexus and Acura line of luxury vehicles respectively.

The first two models released from Infiniti where the Q45 and the M30 vehicles. The Q45 was an impressive first start and borrowed from the second generation of JDM vehicles. Sporting a 278 hp, V8 engine, active suspension and four-wheel steering, the Q45 made a strong impression on the buying public. The M30 was released shortly afterwards in 1990. This two-door coupe model was less successful due to its underpowered engine was production was halted after three years.

While Infiniti did not offer a mid-size luxury sedan, such as the Acura Legend, it did create the Infiniti J30 which helped bridge the gap until the Infiniti G, which was originally released in Japan as the “Skyline” arrived in the US in 1992.

The 1990s saw the development of several Infiniti vehicles which started with the J30 line. The G20 and QX4 were two of the more successful developments that helped Infiniti establish their foothold in the US marketplace. The G20 was based on the Nissan Primera model and featured a leather interior package with multi-port fuel injection engine for greater performance.

Despite these advances, Infiniti sales were relatively slow in the 1990s compared with expectations and other lines of luxury vehicles such as the Acura and Lexus. To help bolster sales, the G20 was revamped and sold as an entry-level sports sedan in Europe, but the overall performance of the vehicle fell short of expectations and didn’t compete well with the Acura Integra.

One interesting development during this time was the advancement of the QX4, a mid-size luxury type SUV that had not been seen before in that size. Using a truck platform, the vehicle unfortunately was a little too ahead of its time and sales were below expectations. With overall sales sluggish, Infiniti entered the 21st century looking for a reimaging of its brand.

The early part of the 21st century saw Infiniti change its overall direction and re-dedicating itself to the line of potent sporty luxury vehicles that it had made it famous. The result was a re-defined Q45 as the flagship model for the Infiniti and sales began to rise significantly. In fact, the new G35, which was essentially a revamped G20 won Motor Trend Car of the Year in 2003.

The success of the G35 led to the development of the FX35 & FX45 crossover models which provided an excellent, all-around vehicle with great handling, style and performance. The rest of the decade helped re-establish the Infiniti hold on the public as the company developed more advanced versions of popular modes such as the G35. It seemed that where in the 1990s nothing went right, in this decade Infiniti could seemingly do no wrong.

For the rest of the decade, Infiniti added all-wheel drive versions to their G35 line and introduced a larger SUV to compete with similar models coming from Toyota. One of the more interesting releases was the Infiniti EX35 compact crossover, a more economical version of the FX series that was based on the G35 model.

The turn of the decade saw Infiniti reveal their new “M” series of vehicles, boasting a new engine and improved performance. In addition, the Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) was officially launched, helping the car company to reach new goals in overall performance vehicles. Meanwhile, the “M” series was making its debut in Europe, featuring a new powertrain and engine, helping it to establish new ground in the European marketplace. Hybrid vehicles are now a part of the Infiniti line as well with the release of the Essence model, boasting a lithium-ion battery pack.

The introduction of the Infiniti was a risk-taking move by Nissan and while the initial results were promising, they were affecting by sagging sales as the end of the 1990s neared. Seemingly with no where else to turn, Infiniti instead reinvested into the type of success they enjoyed when this line was first released and now the future seems very bright for this edition of Nissan.