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GMC & LED, CCFL, Plasma Lighting Technology

While GMC has certainly led the way in terms of designing trucks and SUVs built around power, performance and reliability, they have also embraced technical advances as well. One of the more interesting developments in the past decade is the light emitting diode or LED for automotive use. In fact, the LED was initially “invented” over a century ago, concurring with the formation of GMC. However, it would take until the beginning of the 21st century before advancing technology and new materials allowed the LED to become a practical, efficient light bulb.

At ShopPMLIT, we carry GMC Lights Accessories and Parts for headlights, taillights, interior lighting and more. In fact, we also carry RGB colorShift, color-changing SMD LED, Plasma and CCFL lighting as well to meet the needs of our customers. LED, CCFL and Plasma light systems each have their own advantages for vehicles. On our website, we offer an informative page that fully described the differences as well as the advantages each of these lighting systems offer. We encourage you to read the information that is presented so that you can make the best choice between LED, CCFL and Plasma light systems.

Our GMC LEDs certainly offer distinctive advantages for our customers. Our GMC LED headlights produce a clean, bright light that is directed to illuminate the road ahead and significantly reduce the glare for oncoming drivers which can help avoid accidents. Also, LEDs use but a fraction of the power that traditional incandescent bulbs require. This means that your vehicle’s electrical system is not as taxed when running the headlights, stereo and air conditioner as before. Our GMCs are shock resistant and highly durable, lasting up to and over 100,000 hours of continual use. In other words, your purchase of LEDs for your GMC vehicle may be the last that you ever buy. At ShopPMLIT, we offer a complete online catalog that features our GMC LEDs, as well as our other parts and accessories as well. You can also read our FAQ pages which have great information about our products and services. If you have a specific question, please contact our friendly, courteous staff by calling our customer service line or sending us an email. At ShopPMLIT, we have the GMC Accessories and Parts you need, in particular LED lights for your vehicle.

About GMC the automotive brand

One of the most enduring names in American automotive producers, General Motors (GMC) has been making vehicles for over a century. GMC is best known for building reliable, durable trucks and SUVs, but they have built their reputation over the years through hard work and solid craftsmanship. In 1908, William C. Durant founded “General Motors” as a holding company for Buick and thus “GMC” was born. This was due in large part to the purchase of the “Rapid Motor Vehicle Company” which was originally founded in 1901 and had produced some of the first trucks ever on US soil.

By 1912, the moniker “GMC Truck” began appearing on vehicles exhibited at the New York International Auto Show. While GMC produced a mere 372 trucks that year, they began to elevate their status in the automotive community. Over the next decade, GMC began promoting their line when they drove one of their trucks from Seattle to New York City in thirty days in 1916. As technology advanced, GMC began producing even more trucks. By 1925, the company was renamed the GM Truck and Coach Division after the purchase of Yellow Coach. Although the company kept growing steadily over the next 15 years, it was the outbreak of World War Two that pushed GMC to maximize its production facilities.

GMC produced over 600,000 trucks during the war and they were seen everywhere from the European theater to the Pacific front. The sturdy GMC trucks were considered the backbone of the war effort for their toughness and reliability. This reputation paid off for GMC after the war as their line of trucks grew over the years to include their first “light” trucks in 1960. The C/K series of light trucks led the way for future successes with the Sierra and Chevy Silverado models. The GMC Jimmy was a full-sized SUV that made its debut in 1969 and was followed by the Sprint and Vandura which helped keep GMC afloat during the Oil Crisis of 1973. By the 1980s, GMC vehicles enjoyed further success thanks to the continuation of the Jimmy and introduction of the C-Series and Safari line. The GMC Sierra became one of their most popular models as the 1990s began and by the end of the 20th Century, GMC had released a number of successful SUV and truck models that met with varying degrees of success.

Despite recent economic issues, the GMC line remains strong and still carries the reputation for durability, reliability and performance. The reputation of GMC vehicles still carries the brand through as thousands of consumers enjoy driving the truck and SUV versions which keep this company at the forefront of design. Plus, the reliability of GMC parts helps in making them easy to fix and stay on the road.