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Ferrari Lighting Accessories

Ferrari has been creating excellent, exciting vehicles for several decades. Today, Ferrari still provides some of the best, most desired vehicles on the planet. At ShopPMLIT, we offer a great selection of lighting accessories and parts for Ferrari vehicles that either augments or replaces the factory-installed light bulbs. We offer three major light systems for Ferrari, the CCFL, Plasma and LED. Our goal is to provide you with the best choices at low, competitive prices. Each of our light systems offers distinctive advantages. The CCFL is based on fluorescent technology which is well proven and inexpensive. The latest on the scene is Plasma, a brilliant, powerful new lighting system that features dazzling colors.

Ferrari Lighting Accessories and Parts also come with distinctive advantages as well. Ferrari custom modification of headlights for example are clear, bright and illuminate the road while causing far less glare for oncoming drivers. LEDs also use but a fraction of the energy required by traditional incandescent lights. However, the most important aspect is that LED bulbs are shock resistant and highly durable, lasting up to 100,000 continuous hours or longer under normal conditions. This means that the next set of LED lights you purchase for your Ferrari may be the last.

ShopPMLIT offers HALOs, angel-eyes or Day time Running Lights (DRL) for Ferrari vehicles as well. Daytime running lights are on when the vehicle is in operation, meaning that you can be seen by pedestrians and oncoming traffic sooner which may avoid accidents. Plus, we offer “error-free” LED lights for European models such as Ferrari. “Error-free” LEDs are lights that will register normally with your vehicle’s outage detection system as standard US LEDs will create an “error” or “outage” signal.

In addition, we also offer Underbelly Lights or “Puddle Lights”. These lights will illuminate when you step out of the vehicle, allowing for greater overall safety. We also offer “Ghost Shadow” lights which can provide a powerful impression when leaving your Ferrari vehicle as well. Our goal at ShopPMLIT is to offer the best Ferrari Lighting Accessories and Parts on the market today. You can find out all about our light bulbs by reading our many FAQ pages which provide valuable information. In addition, if you have a specific question, we encourage you to contact us through our website via email or customer service phone line. At ShopPMLIT, we have all the lighting accessories and parts you need for your Ferrari.

About Ferrari the brand

One of the most famous names in automotive manufacturing, Ferrari has been making fast, performance-oriented vehicles for several decades. Founded in 1929, Ferrari has built its reputation in particular on creating highly successful racing vehicles and car enthusiasts look forward to their next vehicles designed for consumers.

Ferrari was founded by Enzo Anselmo Ferrari in 1929. At the time, his goal was to sponsor amateur drivers for the local races and became part of the Alfa Romeo team. By the 1930’s, Ferrari himself was a highly experienced race driver who began laying out his own vision for what a race car should be, however, because he left the Alfa Romeo team, his contract stipulated that he could not design racing vehicles for four years. By that point, World War 2 had begun and Ferrari had to move his manufacturing plant to the town of Maranello where it still is headquartered today.

The first street models of Ferrari vehicles were released in 1947 with the Ferrari 125S. This vehicle sported a 1.5L V12 engine that featured a double wishbone, live axle suspension and tube frame chassis. Two years later, the Ferrari 166 was developed which boasted a similar style to the 125S. By the turn of the 1950s, Ferrari expanded his firm by adding world-class engineers Vittorio Jano and Aurelio Lampredi to the team. This combination led to the release of the 357 America and the first 250GT as well.

The Ferrari reputation was growing and by 1960 they were producing 300 vehicles each year. However, the achievement that Enzo Ferrari was particular proud of was the performance of his vehicles in world championship races, particular the 1950 British Grand Prix. While Ferrari continued to perform well at racetracks in the 1950s and 1960s, new vehicles for consumers were still being manufactured. The 275 GTB, 365 GTB4 “Daytona”, 250 California and “Dino” 264 GT were all highly respected, powerful road cars that won great acclaim.

While financial pressures forced Ferrari to sell 50% of his company’s stake to the Fiat Group in 1969, the sales of his vehicles remained unaffected. However, new investors help provide a significant boost to the income of Ferrari which allowed more vehicles and parts to arrive on the scene in the 1970s with vehicles such as the 308 GTB, 288 GTO and 365 GT4 BB just to name a few. When Enzo Ferrari passed away in 1989 after producing the F40, the stocks for Fiat rose an astounding 90% which helped seal the Ferrari name into legend.

The 1990s continued to produce excellent vehicles for Ferrari, including the 550 Maranello and F355 sports car. The addition of Michael Schumacher to the Ferrari racing team brought new luster to the group that had been floundering since the death of Enzo Ferrari. For the 21st century, Ferrari continued to produced excellent, performance oriented sports vehicles such as the 458 Italia and 599 GTB Fiorano. Today, Ferrari is just as strong as ever, producing high quality vehicles that excite the imagination with new, innovative technologies.