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Dodge Lights Accessories

Dodge has incorporated many new features into their vehicles over the years that puts them with the top automakers in the industry. From using new materials, improving engine performance such as the celebrated HEMI line and now adding LED light technology, Dodge is a recognized leader in innovation. At ShopPMLIT, we have a wide range of Dodge Lights and Parts, such as CCFL, LED and Plasma lights for Dodge vehicles. While always providing you with new innovational products at low, affordable prices. The light emitting diode (LED) was actually invented over a century ago, but has only recently come to the forefront thanks to new innovations in materials and technology. From flashlights to LED TVs to standard home light bulbs to stadium video boards, the LED has revolutionized light bulbs for automakers as well such as Dodge.

LEDs are now used on Dodge vehicles for headlights, taillights, interior and other types of light needs as well. LED headlights for example provide clean, bright light that illuminates the road while greatly reducing the glare experienced by oncoming drivers. LEDs are shock resistant, pull far less energy than their incandescent counterparts and may last up to 100,000 hours or longer of continual use, meaning that they will serve your vehicle for a lifetime. At ShopPMLIT, we have an online catalog with a great selection of LED bulbs for your Dodge vehicle. We also offer a nifty FAQ page to help answer any questions you might have about LED lights. Also, if you have a question we encourage you to call our customer service line or contact us through our website via email so our friendly, courteous staff can respond quickly. ShopPMLIT is your place to find the best LED selection at low, affordable prices.

About Dodge the automotive brand

Dodge is certainly one of the most respected names in the auto industry, especially when it comes to pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles (SUV). As a celebrated part of the Chrysler Group, Dodge also focuses on producing lower priced versions of Chrysler vehicles along with performance cars and for a long time producing the Plymouth line of vehicles. Dodge is well known for making reliable, durable vehicles that promote innovation through the use of new engines, materials and advanced technology such as incorporating LED lights. For Dodge owners, their rugged pickup trucks and stylish performance vehicles are a joy to drive.

The Dodge Division of Chrysler Group LLS was established as the Dodge Brothers Company by brothers Horace and John Dodge back in 1900. Originally, Dodge supplied automakers in Detroit with parts and supplies. By 1915, Dodge began producing their own vehicles, starting with the Dodge Model 30 which was essentially an upgraded Model T with many innovated features for the time, including an all-steel construction, sliding-gear transmission and 12 volt electrical system which put them ahead in the marketplace. Dodge vehicles were highly praised for their durability and performance through World War One. But the dawn of 1920 brought a major change to the firm as both Dodge brothers died within months of each other. The result was stagnation in their line of automobiles and the Dodge Brothers Company was first sold to an investment firm in 1925 and eventually to the Chrysler Corporation in 1928.

The move to Chrysler brought about many changes to Dodge, most notably the emphasis on luxury-type vehicles in the early 1930s which added a much needed diversification to the Chrysler line-up. The addition of the eight-cylinder engine in the early 1930s helps bolster the power and performance of their larger vehicles. As with most automakers, Dodge struggled during the Great Depression with their auto sales, but the emphasis on luxury vehicles served them well and the challenges of World War Two saw their production switch to creating trucks for both military and civilian use along with ambulances. The high quality of the vehicles Dodge produced during the war helped increase their popularity as they re-entered the civilian auto market after the war ended.

Dodge was best known for creating reliable, if not spectacular looking vehicles for the years following World War 2. However, all of that changed in the early 1950s when Virgil Exner became the chief of design. After some fits and starts, the “Forward Look” styling that began in 1955 caught on with the American consumer and sales rose considerably over the rest of the decade. This success led Dodge to enter the compact car market in 1961 with their Lancer model. However, the main emphasis was still on the luxury and larger car market. By the end of the 1960s, Dodge created the type of vehicles that many people still associate them with, the muscle car. The Coronet R/T, Super Bee and especially the Charger were highly popular muscle cars of that era.

The Oil Crisis of 1973 however changed the auto market considerably, especially Dodge who was now stuck with the type of vehicles fewer Americans wanted. The rest of the 1970s was marked with great turmoil for Dodge and their parent company Chrysler which eventually had to re-tool their entire line-up of vehicles. The 1980s brought about the Dodge Aries, which was their version of the Chrysler “K” car, a vehicle that served as the platform for other releases, including the Dodge Caravan which helped to save the company. The Caravan spawned the move to minivans which is still strong even today. Dodge responded by producing “sporty” vehicles offering good power and fuel economy as well.

With climbing sales and a robust line of vehicles, perhaps the most prominent was the creation of the Ram pickup truck. The Dodge Ram is still highly popular today and helped foster the move toward pickups as the 1990s emerged. The combination of vehicle lines has served Dodge and Chrysler well over the decades. There is little doubt that Dodge still fields an impressive line of vehicles from the venerable Dodge Ram to innovative SUVs and beyond, Dodge stands for quality, durability, style, innovation and affordability as well. There is little doubt that Dodge will remain a force for the decades to come thanks to their consumer-friendly business approach of providing top quality vehicles at prices consumers can readily afford.