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Audi lighting Accessories

Class, refinement and style separate Audi from the rest of the pack. This includes Audi lighting parts which help individualize and refine this remarkable line of vehicles even further. Finding the right aftermarket parts can help improve performance, gas mileage and illumination to your Audi model as well.

Whether you want to improve the overall performance of your Audi or simply add more flare and style, we have the aftermarket parts that will work for you. Each of our parts is designed to be the best and highest quality to compliment your investment.

You can choose from a wide range of products that will help augment your vehicle so that you get the most out of it. Our parts bring more than just style and pizzazz to your ride, it also has an attention to detail that is second to none. You can see what we carry in-stock or you can contact our friendly, courteous staff and find out what we can do for you. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible by offering great parts for your Audi at low, competitive prices.

Your Audi is special and we can help make your investment stand out more in terms of style, performance and overall appeal. We invite you to experience our catalog of Audi aftermarket parts so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

About Audi the motoring company

One of world’s most recognized manufacturers of SUVs and luxury vehicles. Audi has established a stellar reputation that reaches back over a century. Founded by August Horch, who created his own auto parts and automotive company, he was temporarily removed from his company in 1909, but came back the following year to guide the company for the next few decades.

Due to legal constraints, Horch was unable to name the company after himself. While trying to find a new name, his son suggested “Audi” which is a Latin word meaning to “hear”. August Horch was impressed enough to name his company after that term when he forged the Audi Automobile Works in 1910. For the first three decades, Audi constructed several prototypes, but it was the Type K that found some success which helped the company get through the tough, early years.

The Type K was the first left-handed drive car produced in Germany. By the early 1930’s, Audi had joined up with DKW, Wanderer and another Horch company to form Auto Union. It was just after this formation that Auto Union produced the Audi Front, a front wheel drive sedan equipped with a 6 cylinder engine. The success of the company was curtailed by the start of World War 2. That setback along with the damage that had been inflicted upon Europe meant that it would take years before Auto Union settled back into its pre-war production levels for vehicles.

In 1964, Volkswagen purchased Auto Union and changed the name back to Audi to create a new line of vehicles. The first Audi under this new ownership was the “100”, a nifty coupe/sedan that was equipped with a 1.8L 4 cylinder engine. Interestingly enough, the next vehicle from the Audi line was the “80”, another coupe/sedan that influenced the development of the Volkswagen Passat.

By 1980, Audi made its big breakthrough with the Quattro line of all-wheel drive coupes and sedans. Afterwards, Audi would expand all-wheel drive to all of its models.?? In 1984, the Sport Quattro was a big hit as well on the rally circuit, thanks in part to the shortened wheelbase which helped make the car more maneuverable.

By the 1990s, the shift had begun to more luxury models where Audi would establish a powerful, popular line. The introduction of the A3 and in 1994, the A4 were substantial hits with the public. The A4 was a descendent of the old “80” model, but featured either front or all-wheel drive just like the A3. The sporty S4 premiered near the turn of the 21st century along with the more compact, high performing S3 models. All “S” models feature the fabled Quattro all-wheel drive system.

Audi has kept pace during the past decade as one of the most respected manufacturers of luxury automobiles on the market today. The S6, S8 and TT have made powerful impressions with the public and the introduction of the Audi SUV line has certainly been a popular one as well.

In 2006, Audi introduced its first, full sized crossover in the Q7, yet another vehicle with the famed Quattro all-wheel drive. Available with a V6, V8 or even the vaunted V12 engine, the Q7 sports a 6-speed automatic transmission and plenty of power to boot. In 2008, the Q5 launched Audi into the more compact crossover versions that other European manufactures had dominated.

Of the many upgrades and technological advances, one of the more interesting from Audi came with the introduction of daytime LED running lights. First seen in 2006 on the S6 models, the addition of LED daytime running lights has expanded to other models, such as the R8. LED lights are more energy efficient and use far less power than their incandescent counterparts. With LED lights, there is less pull on the vehicle’s electrical system.

Of course, Audi is widely known for luxury with all of its vehicles and this is marked by the sumptuous interior design which boasts real leather and wood refinements all throughout the inside of the vehicle. Such refinements are expected with Audi vehicles and they have continued this tradition.

From performance, elegance, style and comfort, Audi is one of the most successful lines of vehicles on the market today. There are no short cuts, no cut-rate models that come from Audi. The refinement, style and remarkable quality of Audi vehicles truly comes through for those who have purchased models such as the A4 or A6 Quattro.