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Subaru 13+ BRZ CCFL Bright Angel Eyes Demon HALO Head-Fog Light Bulbs Kit DRL

I bought the Oracle CCFL halo rings set for my 2014 Subaru BRZ. Prices for the Halo lights on Shoppmlit are way better than anywhere else, and I got a great deal on them with free shipping. They arrived super fast, and their customer service was awesome! I contacted them to ask a couple questions and they got back to me super quick.
These oracle HALO lights look amazing on my car at night, and the colors are super bright. The demon-eyes by oracle lighting are my favorite modification to my car by far, and headlights stand out well at car meets.

Jason B

ORACLE Chrysler 300C HALO Headlights

Outstanding quality. Fast shipping. Would recommend to anyone.

Robert A.

Halo Headlights by Oracle

Very pleased with the service and Oracle lights. Had my 2010 Chevrolet Camaro for a long time now, this definitely made the change I wanted. Shipping was pretty fast, only had to wait 5 days after placing the order, shipped to Germany!

Mark J.

PMLIT headlights Angle-Eyes set

Well design and perform. Having my BMW X5 for the past 4 years got me to update the look of the car. Went with the PMLIT Frozen-White color for a brighter and cleaner look, and it sure does look like it. Installation was not too difficult, but help from a professional does not hurt. Shipping was fast and had a tracking number in the email the next day after ordering. Very pleased, thank you!

Thomas Owens

Dodge Challenger Oracle halo lights

First time dealing with the company, no complaints, it was an international order and shipping was fast. Already had the halo lights installed, very happy that I went with the plasma white. I have not had any trouble driving on the roads, white color is safe to have. A very nice addition to my Dodge Challenger, I must add. Thanks for the fast shipping process.

William Dipietro

Daytime Running Lights for my 2013 BMW 5 Series

Very impressed by the product and the service. Usually I would have to do a ton of research and ask many question about the product and if it will fit my car, but not in this case. Very please how each product is described with actual years the lights will fit which make and model. Over all the website is very well put and customer support is professional, which actually supports, haha. Going back to the DRLs, they fit my factory BMW bumper without modification or customization to my 5 series. I do recommend to shop with shoppmlit and if you do not see an answer in the description, just send them a message, you will be pleased.

Bennie J. Kirsch

HALO Oracle Lighting headlights and fog-lights for my Camero

All great things to say so far with this company and Oracle Lighting products. The lights are authentic and are made by Oracle Lighting, no knockoff here. The quality, packaging and customer service at ShopPMLIT is well put together. Stan over at sales support was more than knowledgeable about the products and installation. My questions were answered in the description of the listing, but I still emailed them prior to the order just to make sure. Stan answered each question, with enough details and information for me to choose the accessory I wanted, guaranteed. My experience was overall pleasant, and to be honest rare. If more business offer this type of customer service, we as customers would leave more feedback to sellers.

Robert A

PMLIT BMW X3 Fog Daytime Running Light Bulbs Kit

Awesome Service and communication. I ordered this product online after Stan answered all of my questions and had a tracking number the same day via email. Took about 4 business days for delivery and the item was very well packaged. Did not want to mess with the wiring myself, so I had a professional instal the kit, it came with everything needed. The quality of PMLIT products are always superb, not the first time dealing with their products. The look of the car came out great.

Jose C. Martinez

PMLIT G4.0 BMW 09-13 Z4 E89 CREE LED 20W H8 Frozen White Angel Eyes Bulbs Kit

I purchased the PMLIT G4.0 frozen white angel eyes for my 2011 Z4 sDrive35is. They are very easy to install and provide a great new look to the car. These are clearly visible in the daylight, and are a great upgrade at a modest cost.
The color temp is white. No bluefish look. Both angel eye halo's are equal in brightness and look. Where other LEDs look uneven or brighter on the small ring the PMLIT G4.0 does not.


PMLIT Fresh Pink Angel Eyes for BMW 3 Series E90 LCI

thanks guys the girlfriend is happy! You have the only pre lci pink kit i could find anywhere!

John D

PMLIT BMW 3 Series sedan Angel eyes kit in Envy-Green and Frozen-White

I could not decide which color to go with, with 7 different sick colors, makes it hard, but a good problem to have. indecisive that I am, I ordered two sets, PMLIT Envy-Green and Frozen-White colors for my angle eyes headlights. First time installing them was a pain in my a**, I winged it and didn't read any instructions, and that is what I get. The E90 pre-LCi, before the face-lift model makes you take off the plastic wheel well, and the more pins you remove, the easier it is to replace any bulbs in your BMW E90 2006-2008 headlight. I suggest going to a shop that does sound systems, I asked around and here in Cali, it would cost about $50 to have it professionally installed. Worth it if you do not want to get messy, I on the other hand love working on my ride.
Now about the product, the quality is great, has the same thread and all pins as the factory bulb has, so no modification needed to make the lights work. Came in a secure package and the item was packaged well with packing peanuts, which I always appreciate, even tho they get all over the room. Shipping was free and reasonably fast, got a tracking number within 24 hours.
I would recommend ShopPMLIT and the PMLIT products they sell, worth the money.

Alan Hall

G2.0 Influence Purple Angel Eyes Kit for 335i E90

Fantastic lights, and not too hard to install. Thanks for the fast customer service, too bad the package got misplaced by the shipping company and it did not come in on time for the car-show. Going to be attending another show soon, I will be sending you pictures.

Matthew T

BMW 335i Courtesy door and footrest well LED lights

Lights are well made, worth the price. Watched a video on how to install them, did all 4 lights myself in 20 min, worked without an issue or error codes.

Marcello K

PMLIT Epic Yellow H8 Anle Eye kit for BMW M3 E92

Nice! Just the color I wanted, epic yellow, definitely is epic. Makes my M3 look mean and inordinately. No errors or any type of problems

Albert S.

DRL Fog-Light LED replacement kit for BMW X5 M-Tech LCI

Day time running lights fogs is a very nice addition to my other upgrades on the car. The DRLs give a unique feature of dimming, and they look and work as if they were from factory. The kit comes with instructions on how to install them, but it was not car specific. So I had the body shop install them, they didn't even look at the instructions, they plugged in it , wired it up and it worked. Wish I knew that and would have done it myself. The product is great, no complains there. Wish this set was offered in all of the other different led colors.

Mike Becker

Amazing idea as a gift

My boyfriends birthday was coming up, and I had no idea on what to get him. He loves his BMW, almost as much as me :). I was out of ideas and did not want to get him, something he would not use or return. Knowing him, just to be nice, he would of said thanks and in the end just put it to the side and not use it if he didn't like it. Well, I got him this gift card and he was very surprised and happy. He ordered what he wanted, got to pick out the right bulbs and the colors as he preferred. It worked out better than I expected it and I am very pleased with my decision. I would recommend for you to do the same if you need to find a gift. The quality of the products are awesome as well, the bulbs have been working since he put them in, and he is pleased every time he drives his car!

Victoria K.

BMW 3 Series sedan headlight angle-eyes H8 Fresh Pink bulbs

Fresh Pink is right on the spot, my car looks like no other BMW on the road here in NC. I love pink and this is exactly the look I was looking for. The price is awesome and free shipping could not get any better. I placed my order online after talking to a very knowledgeable gentleman by the name of Stan, he answered all of my silly questions and educated me on LED bulbs. After I received my kit, I had my boyfriend install them, he has some knowledge with cars, and he had no issues doing so. It is a BMW, and I got NO engine warning or error signals on the dash, works great from the 1st day. Now I know for sure that PMLIT is the brand name that I will only use for any light upgrade. I got my PMLIT kit over 6 months ago, and not one issue since then. Greatly appreciated!

Lynne Jensen

LED upgrade for my interior and rear of the car

I did not imagine that this modification would make such an sweet change to my car. A complete transfer, I knew if I was doing it, might as well go the full throttle and get all of the bulbs changed to white LED, good thing I did that. Placed the order in the begging of the week, a few days later I got them, installed them (literally plug and play), by the end of the week I was getting compliments! Sorry for the phone camera pictures, hope you like them, and thank you for the fast and awesome service!

Jason K.

Luxury Package Interior LED kit for Acura TSX

Wow, ordered the LED upgrade Luxury package kit on, had them delivered to me in days in just days. Took my car to my local sound system shop and had them install them, by the looks of it, I could of done it myself it was so simple, plug and play. Now with the LED kit installed, I feel like I got a brand new car, looks amazing. No clue why factory does not come like this, thanks Stan for the assistance. Going to be ordering a set for my husbands BMW 3 series! Thanks again for the help and awesome product!

Patricia G

LED upgrade for my interior and rear of the car!

I did not imagine that this modification would make such an sweet change to my car. A complete transfer, I knew if I was doing it, might as well go the full throttle and get all of the bulbs changed to white LED, good thing I did that. Placed the order in the begging of the week, a few days later I got them, installed them (literally plug and play), by the end of the week I was getting compliments! Sorry for the phone camera pictures, hope you like them, and thank you for the fast and awesome service!

Jason K.