2015-09-28 08:43:34

When you have a car, truck, or SUV that you love, you don't want it to just blend in with the other vehicles on the road. You want your vehicle to stand out, and that's precisely why so many drivers are opting to make custom mods to their vehicles these days. Auto lighting mods are one of the most popular types of upgrades, because they can make a big impact on the look of a vehicle, usually without requiring big changes to the wiring and overall construction of a car.

Oracle Lighting continues to introduce new packages for top makes and models of vehicles to simplify custom mods. Here are some of the latest packages that contain Oracle headlights and other Oracle lights for popular vehicles:

Headlight Halo Kits. The new headlight halo kits from Oracle Lighting include CCFL, plasma, or LED halo rings that can be quickly installed on many makes and models of vehicles. What's unique about the halo rings from Oracle Lighting, is that they can be purchased with a number of additional kits that provide matching auto lighting for customizing the rest of the vehicle. The ultimate kit from Oracle contains:

  • Fog Light and Tail Light halos for upgrading the rest of the exterior auto lighting to match the head lights perfectly
  • ColorSHIFT upgrade, which allows the halo rings to shine in an endless array of colors. There are a number of colors that are pre-installed and can be displayed at the touch off a button, but any other color can also be dialed in to modify the glow. While the colored lighting is not road legal, it can be a way to set cars apart at shows and in parking lots.
  • Control Upgrades, which allow vehicle owners to power on and control their custom headlights and auto lighting accessories. Controller upgrades include:
  • Stainless steel flush switches that are installed inside of a vehicle and branded with the Oracle logo
  • Wireless remote controls that can be used to turn the lights on, and select colors from distances of up to 150 feet from the vehicle or from right inside
  • WiFI LED controller that turns a smartphone or tablet into a remote control for any vehicle's auto lighting
  • Additional Kit upgrades, which provide illumination for other parts of a vehicle, such as the: footwells, front grille, Engine bay

  • Off Road Mirrors. Oracle has designed a set of ultra stylish Ford Raptor and Ford F150 mirrors that are outfitted with 24 CREE LED off road lights. These Ford F150 and Raptor lights provide illumination along the sides of vehicles on the trail, greatly improving peripheral visibility and safety. Easy to install over the top of factory mirrors, the custom Ford F150 and Raptor lights also add style to the look of a rugged truck when it's driving on the highway rather than the trail.

    Oracle Lights brand offers custom automotive lighting, which truly does make it possible to transform any vehicle's looks. While enhancing its overall performance on the road and off. To read more about oracle lighting, click here.