Toyota has certainly created a number of excellent vehicles, but their most fascinating yet is a custom-built 2010 Hilux which recently sold for a hefty price. This particular vehicle currently holds two world records for the fastest run to the South Pole! Thanks to its appearance on the Discovery Channel’s program World’s Toughest Drive, the vehicle is well known among car enthusiasts.


The rugged conditions of the South Pole can stop any average vehicle in its track. Yet, the Hilux 2010 was able to hold up against extreme temperatures and snowy terrain and make it to the South Pole in record time! Although the vehicle was sold on eBay early this year, it’ll likely pop up on internet auctions given its value.


According to several sources, the buyer paid a mere $72,000 for the Hilux. As proof of the vehicle’s accomplishments, the new owner received a certificate of authentication from the Guinness World Records. Interestingly, the vehicle was painted in NATO green before it was sold, to create a less fierce appearance.

Clearly, this Hilux was not bought off the lot in its standard condition. According to several reports, approximately $400,000 of modifications went into the vehicle so that it could withstand extreme conditions. The vehicle definitely took a toll as it battled freezing temperatures and tough terrain. Let’s not forget the team either! Determination and focus allowed the Hilux Squad of three to brace the bitter cold and make a legendary feat. To see more about Guinness World Record Toyota Tacoma, click here.

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