Volvo is home to many different types of vehicles, but did you know they have the fastest large-scale hybrid truck in the world? Now, Volvo has set its sights on breaking another world record. It’s called the Mean Green.

The Mean Green is an incredibly powerful hybrid truck that produces over 2,100 horsepower at nearly 5,000 pounds per feet of torque. Although most of the power comes from diesel engine, about 200 hp and 885 pounds per feet of torque comes from the electric motor. The truck uses an exclusive custom designed battery and motor. Additionally, the hybrid powertrain accesses the Volvo I-Shift Automated-Manual transmission and the D16.

If you’ve ever seen the Mean Green, it’s apparent this truck’s built with aerodynamics in mind. Because of its unique design, the truck is able to achieve record speeds – the hybrid engine alone could not push the vehicle to its maximum potential.


Setting New World Records

Currently, the Mean Green holds the record for fastest speed in a standing 500 meter distance, the standing kilometer, and flying kilometer. At the recent Mid-America Truck Show in Kentucky, representatives announced they would try to set a new record! The attempt will be made at Wendover Airfield, which is located in Utah. Considering all the effort that Volvo has put into this vehicle, Mean Green will undergo more modifications in order to exceed its current status.

Setting a new world record will not be easy. Even though the truck may have reached its limit in terms of aerodynamic design, modifications can still be made to the engine or powertrain. Whatever the case, Volvo has created a buzz among car enthusiasts. To see more information about the Volvo Hybrid, Mean Green, Shatters Hybrid Truck, click here.

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