2015-10-26 08:39:13

There's nothing like the freedom of taking to the trail on your ATV or UTV! While you love the thrill of the ride, you also want to make sure that you're off-roading safely in all types of conditions. Adding the right off road lights to your ATV or UTV can go a long way toward increasing your safety, when you're riding after dark or in inclement weather.

Making Upgrades Simple

There are many different types of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and Utility Task Vehicle(UTV) light accessories available on the market today, but finding the perfect off road lights for your vehicle doesn't have to mean purchasing many different types of lights. One LED light bar can make a huge improvement in the amount of illumination that your Recreational Off highway Vehicle (ROV), ATV, or UTV produces. LED lights are brighter than halogen, CCFL, and xenon ATV and UTV light accessories, and they will last for longer, too. In fact, the best LED light bar designs can provide illumination through at least 50,000 hours of continuous use. Despite how bright they shine, LED off road lights consume a fraction of the energy of other types of UTV and ATV light accessories to minimize battery drain.

How to Choose the Right LED Light Bar

When you're shopping for an LED light bar to add to the off road lights on your ATV, ROV or UTV, be sure to consider:

- Size of the Light Bar. Before you shop, measure the spot on your ATV or UTV where you wish to mount your new LED light bar. You can find single bars with one row of lights, and double bars with two rows in lengths ranging from 5 inches to 50 inches.

- Shape of the Light Bar. You can find light bars in curved and straight styles, so you need to match the build of the bar to the shape of the mounting area on your ATV or UTV.

- The LEDs Included. There are three things to consider when comparing the lighting on different LED light bar options:

1. Number of LEDs. The number of LEDs will have an impact on the brightness of the illumination; however, ATV and UTV light accessories feature many small bulbs, while others have fewer, larger ones, so you can't always judge brightness just by light count.

2. Lumen Output. The lumen output will give you a clearer picture of the brightness levels of the UTV and ATV light accessories that you're considering. The higher the output, the brighter the light will be.

3. Type of LEDs. CREE LEDs are among the most advanced, longest lasting type of LED lights on the market today. Choosing an LED light bar that features them will help you ensure that you're getting off road lights of high quality.

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