2014-11-20 20:44:40

For many people, the difference between certain types of lighting systems may be confusing. One of the most common misconceptions is that fog-lights and driving lights are one and the same, because they perform similar functions. Both lighting systems let other drivers and pedestrians become aware of your presence. Driving lights however, cannot act like fog-lights.


What are Fog-Lights?

Unlike standard headlights, which reflect particles of snow, dust, and thick fog back to the driver, fog-lights are designed to minimize glare. Fog-light beams are narrow and are mounted below the headlights, to illuminate the road during low visibility conditions. This design produces less glare because the road immediately in front of the vehicle is illuminated.

Fog lights can also be mounted in the rear, to warn other drivers of your presence. Front end fog-lights are usually white, although they can also be yellow or blue – the ones in the back are always red.

Regardless of the time of day, you shouldn’t use fog-lights during normal visibility conditions because they can blind oncoming drivers. Driving with fog lights during normal visibility conditions is an offense.


What are Driving Lights?

Although similar in construction to fog-lights, driving lights are not as effective in foggy conditions. Most people choose driving lights for off-road reasons, or for late-night driving on lonely stretches of highway. Driving lights allow the driver to see great distances ahead. While on the road, driving lights should only be used with high beams. Some states strictly enforce the use of driving lights.


Before purchasing fog-lights or driving lights, it’s important to consult with the local rules that’ll determine their use. As long as they are the correct color, brightness, and used in their designated fashion, both types of lighting are legal in all 50 states. To find more information about fog-lights, click here.

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