2015-11-13 21:36:13

Ever since BMW introduced halo lights on their 2001 5 Series vehicles, drivers have been anxious to enhance the appearance of their vehicles with halo headlights. Oracle Lighting has made it possible for nearly all vehicles to get that luxury, super car look with their line of aftermarket automotive lighting. If you're discovering these Oracle lights for the first time, this guide will give you a thorough introduction to the car lights and their benefits.

What Are Halo Headlights?

Halo headlights are glowing rings of light that shine along the outer edge of headlights. While there are a number of ways that halo lights can be wired, typically, these car lights are connected to the parking lights or daytime running lights. As a result, the halo ring Oracle lights typically shine whenever a car is running. Oracle Lighting offers halo rings as aftermarket automotive lighting for current and older model cars, trucks, and SUVs.

What Are the Benefits of Halo Lights?

Halo lights have a number of benefits, including:

- Added Style. Even an older model vehicle can look new and modern with the installation of a set of halo headlights.

- More Illumination.LED headlights and plasma headlights are much brighter than halogen lights. When installed as halo lights, this type of automotive lighting can enhance the amount of illumination produced by a vehicle to supplement the light produced by its head lamps.

- Higher Show Value. Halo rings can be purchased in a variety of colors that are eye-catching choices for vehicles that are frequently shown at car cruises and car shows. They can also enhance the appearance of performance vehicles to make them more attractive as they gather at the starting line.

- Enhanced Perceived Value. Upgrading the automotive lighting in a vehicle with halo car lights can make it more desirable to a prospective buyer in order to improve its resale value.

What Types of Halo Headlights Are Available from Oracle Lighting?

There are three main types of halo ring Oracle lights:

- CCFL. Cold cathode fluorescent lighting, or CCFL halo lights, are made out of glass and offer a smooth, steady beam of illumination with a noticeable, yet soft ambient glow. The CCFL Oracle lights are rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use. The CCFLs are the most economic Oracle Lighting halo headlights.

- LED. SMD, or Surface Mount Diode lighting is a type of LED headlights technology developed by Oracle Lighting for halo lights. The lights are brighter than CCFL halo headlights and can burn for an average of 10,000 hours longer, but their light is not smooth. Instead, it consists of small dots of illumination that come together to make a continuous ring.

- Plasma. Plasma halo headlights can burn for up to 100,000 hours. The lights offer the brightness of LED headlights along with the smooth, steady glow of CCFLs. These lights are the most expensive options and are available for a smaller number of vehicles.