2015-11-16 21:31:06

If you're considering upgrading your truck with new off-road lights, an LED light bar could be the ideal solution for your custom illumination needs. LED light bars offer a number of benefits for off roading, and everyone who is considering making custom mods to their off road automotive lighting should learn about what they are. Read on for a quick lesson in light bars!

Light Bar Basics

A light bar is a type of aftermarket lighting that consists of a number of lights mounted on a metal frame. You can purchase light bars for trucks in many different sizes, and they can be mounted onto many places on a vehicle. The most common places on a truck to mountan LED light bar are on the front of the vehicle at the bumper, on the lower windshield pillar mount, and above the windshield on the top of the vehicle; however, people may choose to mount a truck light bar in other locations as well. Once the light bars are in place, they are usually controlled by a switch or remote, so that they can be turned on and off as needed.

About LED Light Bars

Today the most popular light bar for trucks is the LED offroad light bar. Whether you're looking for a light bar for truck bumpers, the windshield pillar, or for the roof of the vehicle, offroadLED light bars provide a number of benefits. A truck LED light bar consumes only a small amount of energy but is capable of putting out a large amount of illumination. In addition, an offroad LED light bar can provide tens of thousands of hours of illumination due to the long lifespan of LEDs.

Why Use Light Bars?

Light bars can have a number of purposes, depending on their beam pattern. The beam pattern of offroad LED bars refers to the shape of the beam of light that is produced by the individual lights on a truck LED light bar. The beam patterns available with LED light bars for trucks include:

- Spot. These LED light bars shine very narrow beams of light that usually are spread only over a 30-degree area. This makes the lighting ideal for performing tasks like seeing specific spots on a trail at night.

- Flood. These LED light bars shine wider beams of light that cover a 60-degree area. As a result, the light provides more coverage with less intensity. Flood lights are typically used for illuminating a nearby area, such as a spot where you need to winch or tow in the dark.

- Combination. These LED light bars feature a combination of flood and spot LED lights. With one of these LED light bars for trucks, you get both intensenarrow, and softerwide beams of light, so they are suitable for all types of tasks.

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