2013-12-23 21:17:00

There is a definite trend taking place in the aftermarket auto industry, with automakers now viewing car lighting as a major feature on their new auto models. What was once considered nothing more than a functional necessity has now become a cool addition that adds to the look of the vehicle. Custom LED, Plasma and CCFL lights are particularly sought after right now, but the cost tends to make them reserved for luxury and premium models. Car owners that don’t mind doing a little dabbling of their own are now making the move of making changes to their existing headlights, to give them a whole new custom modification look. The most popular of those upgrades is what are known as headlights halo rings light kit by Oracle Lighting.

As the name suggests, the halo ring lights are a ring that is fitted around the existing headlights housing, with certain cars and lights definitely more suited to the halo’s than others. The trend has become so popular that many major automakers are jumping on board to have headlights daytime running lights on their lineup of cars. BMW is an example of one company that has truly embraced the angel-eyes head lamp look, using a plastic tube and white LED light in the headlights on most of their cars. American car makers such as Chevrolet, are offering DRL (daytime running lights) on some models from factory, such as the new Ford Mustang LED headlights with wiskers style head lamp lights are standard. While that is great for lovers of this lighting style, the recent trend has been towards different colored halo lights to add a whole new look to their car.

Part of the allure, besides the aesthetically pleasing look, is the relatively low cost of a halo light kit. A couple of hundred bucks is usually enough to get hold of a kit, but the real costs usually end up being the installation. Adding the headlights halo rings to the existing set up is not something that is particularly easy to do, but you always should ha a professional install the Oracle Lighting halo kit. That is not the only issue that car owners are facing, though.

As mentioned already, halo light kits come in all kinds of different colors. Sticking with white or amber lights won’t create any issues, but using any other type of color may very well mean having to get used to getting pulled over and collecting tickets from traffic cops. That does not seem to have deterred the halo ring lights loving crows, as groups are popping up all over the country so that owners can compare the lighting effects they have added to their cars.

Halo ring lights for the headlights and taillights have become particularly popular with muscle car owners. But that popularity is beginning to spread beyond that particular niche. Part of the trend can be traced back to auto shows like SEMA in Las Vegas, where concept cars are on display and aftermarket ideas are hatched and brought to life.

Photo credit: Oracle Lights