2014-03-28 18:51:00

The days of the Hummer seemed long gone at it was axed from the GM line-up in 2009. Thanks to its overly large size and gas-guzzling engine, the Hummer was one of the first to go when GM filed for bankruptcy. The emphasis on vehicles that obtained good gas mileage was emphasized when oil prices when up dramatically in 2008 and again in 2009.

However, a year before the Hummer was taken out of the production lineup, GM revealed the Hummer HX concept vehicle which did not go into full production. Now, six years later there are signs that GMC may be picking up on a SUV design inspired by the HX concept vehicle which may breathe new life into the Hummer.

GMC Designer Leads the Way

In “The Car Guide” a conversation with a GMC designer revealed that the company is working on a new SUV design that will closely follow the pattern of the Hummer and compete with vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler. Instead of simply copying the older Hummer design, a new platform is being developed in which to build the upcoming SUV model.

At the recent Detroit Auto Show, GM global chief Mark Reuss hinted that such a model is in the works, confirming the story of the GMC designer. However, there has been no set date for production or release of this new vehicle.

Why is Hummer Coming Back?

In essence, the vehicle itself is not really coming back since the new design is only using parts of the Hummer and incorporating new elements as well. However, there are a number of reasons why GMC is making such a move at this time.

Arguably the most important is that they want a vehicle to compete with the highly successful Jeep Wrangler series which has been able to survive and thrive in a marketplace that now emphasizes smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. The success of the Wrangler shows that there is a market for larger SUVs and GMC is ready to take advantage.

Another reason while GMC is planning on building a larger vehicle is that new engine technology has greatly increased the mileage that such vehicles used to have. Thanks to this new technology, vehicle designs can now be larger and heavier, yet still get respectable gas mileage that meets the needs of many drivers.

New Lighting Accessories

In addition to the new technology in terms of materials and engine design, new lighting technology such as the advent of the Hummer LED headlights may also be included in the new Hummer-inspired design. These auto lamps may include custom headlights, projector headlights, taillights, fog-lights, and a wide range of auto lighting car accessories. These auto parts will surely be available as aftermarket automotive parts for this new GMC vehicle.

The off-road market has also increased over this period of time and now may be right for a Hummer-inspired SUV design to be released. While this is a calculation on the part of GMC, it is true that with the discontinuation of the Toyota CJ Series, the Wrangler now have very few competitors.

Photo Credit: thetorquereport