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Subaru with LED, CCFL and Plasma Lights Technology

While there have been advances in engine design and materials, one of the more interesting innovations for the automotive market has been the rise of LED technology. At ShopPMLIT, we offer a wide range of LED lights for Subaru vehicles from headlights, taillights, license plate, interior and more. Our online catalog features the latest LEDs to fit your Subaru vehicle. The light emitting diode (LED) was actually first invented over a century ago, but only recently has advances in technology and the introduction of new materials allowed the LED to become a practical light for all types of applications. Today, the LED is rapidly replacing traditional halogen and incandescent lights for all types of applications. Flashlights, television, standard home light bulbs, outdoor lighting and even stadium video boards, the LED has revolutionized the light industry.

Subaru owners can now take advantage of Subaru Accessories and Parts, and LED lights for their vehicles thanks to the wide selection available at ShopPMLIT. LED, Plasma and CCFL Halos such as for the headlights produce a clean, bright light that is more directed to illuminate the view for your and other drivers vehicle, while produces far less glare than standard halogen or incandescent lights. In addition, LEDs, Plasma and CCFL use only a fraction of the energy that standard factory bulbs use, which means less pull on your Subaru’s electrical system. Also, LED bulbs are safe, impact resistant and highly durable, lasting from 60,000 to over 100,000 hours of continual use. This means that your LEDs are probably going to be the last bulbs you purchase for your Subaru. In addition, LEDs also have decorative use as well, augmenting the appearance of your vehicle to make it look newer, bolder and more up to date as well.

You can find out more information about the effectiveness, durability and affordability of LED bulbs for your Subaru vehicle on the ShopPMLIT website. We offer plenty of information with our frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages which are dedicated to LEDs. If you are still seeking information or have a question about any of our LED products, please contact our friendly, courteous staff on our customer service phone line or through our website via email. Our trained, professional staff is here to answer your questions quickly so you can make the best informed decision about our products. At ShopPMLIT, we offer the right LED lights for your Subaru vehicle, please visit our online catalog to see what we have for you.

About Subaru the motor company

One of the most celebrated automakers in Japan, Subaru has been producing high quality vehicles for half a century. Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries and is perhaps best known for the unique “boxer” engine layout that provides a distinctive look for many of their larger vehicles. Subaru has built up a solid reputation for producing fuel efficient, durable and dependable vehicles for the consumer that continues today. While Subaru offers low, affordable prices for their products, they also offer a wide selection that contains the latest technological advances as well.

The actual origins of Subaru goes back to their founding company, The Aircraft Research Laboratory, in 1915, it wasn’t until the mid-1950s that Fuji Heavy Industries formed the auto division that became Subaru. The name “Subaru” is Japanese for the Pleiades star cluster which is presented on the seven-star logo on all Subaru vehicles. The first vehicle from the Subaru factory was the P1 or Subaru 1500, a modest, mid-size auto that came out in 1954. While only 20 P1s were ever built due to supply issues, it was the first Japanese vehicle that integrated the body and chassis into a single piece. The 360, an air-cooled, 2 cylinder engine compact was released in 1958 followed by the Sambar in 1961, a rear-engine small van that enjoyed immense popularity in Japan and was produced until 2009.

With the success of the 360 and Sambar, Subaru expanded their line to include the 1000 and the R2. But the most important advancement for Subaru was expanding their line to the US market. The dawn of the 1970s included the release of the Leone, Brat, and Rex to Subaru’s ever-expanding line. With vehicles that appealed to consumers with families, the Oil Crisis of 1973 helped boost Subaru’s fortunes even more as their fuel efficient, affordable sedans, wagons and pickups became even more popular. Subaru’s ability to react and produce vehicles to meet the needs of the marketplace helped guide the company through the 1980s and into the 1990s. The Legacy represented a substantial change for Subaru, a mid-size car that had extra performance, flat four cylinder engine and standard all-wheel drive. These additional features made the Legacy stand out in the crowded field of mid-size vehicles.??

The SVX was another hit for Subaru, rolling off the line in 1991 followed by the Impreza and WRX, a turbocharged performance vehicle that impressed consumers and auto enthusiasts alike. Subaru also expanded their reach into the World Rally Championship by winning it three years running from 1995 to 1997. Subaru also made advances in the SUV market with the Outback, a crossover SUV that helped fill an important niche. Plus, the Outback was wildly popular with the buying public. In addition, the Tribeca and Forester crossover SUVs continued Subaru’s success in that area.

The expansion of Subaru’s line-up not only helped to diversify their output, it also allowed the company to take advantage of new trends and stay highly competitive in the marketplace. The first decade of the 21st century saw continued advancement of the established Subaru success such as the Impreza and Forester line while creating new vehicles such as the highly praised BRZ. Success is still in the cards for the foreseeable future as well, given Subaru’s penchant for addressing the right need with new, popular and durable vehicles. In addition, Subaru continues to provide quality, durable and fuel efficient vehicles to meet the needs of consumers as well as embrace technical innovations as well.