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Nissan Lighting Accessories

The advancement of Nissan Accessories and Parts and LED technology for automobiles is one of the most interesting and important in the past two decades. ShopPMLIT has a great number of LED lights for many Nissan models to help illuminate the road and improve the overall look of your vehicle. LEDs have become quite popular thanks to a combination of advances that include low power consumption, producing a clean, bright light, and great versatility along with durability. ShopPMLIT offers Nissan owners many different choices for their aftermarket LED lights. The LED or light emitting diode is technology that has actually been around over a century, but only in the past few decades has it become practical for widespread use thanks to recent breakthroughs in technology and materials. LEDs are very popular for all types of applications ranging from flashlights to stadium scoreboard video boards. For the automotive world, LED lights come in a variety of products that include headlights, taillights, license plate, interior and many other applications.

There are a number of advantages that LEDs have over halogen or incandescent bulbs starting with the clean, bright light produced by the headlights that offers more illumination, but less glare for oncoming drivers which in turn can cause fewer accidents. In addition, LEDs consume far less power which means that your Nissan vehicle’s electrical system is not nearly as taxed, which can be important when running multiple electrical units. Plus, LEDs generally last for more than 60,000 hours of continuous use. So, under normal use they should last longer than your vehicle. Finally, LEDs are very durable and impact resistant as well. For more information about obtaining LED lights for your Nissan vehicle, please go to our online catalog. If you have any questions, we encourage you to check out our frequently asked question page about LEDs. If you cannot find your answer there, then contact ShopPMLIT through our website or by our customer service line. Let us help you find the right LEDs for your Nissan today!

About Nissan Motor Company

The Nissan Motor Company is the sixth largest automaker in the World. Perhaps best known for making good quality, highly durable vehicles with good fuel economy, Nissan has expanded their range to include luxury models under the Infiniti brand. Nissan also has invested into Renault S.A. to produce vehicles in Europe as well.?? For many years, Nissan produced vehicles under the “Datsun” name which was discontinued in the mid-1980s. However, the Datsun line has recently been revived with a new series of vehicles to help expand the Nissan range while bringing back memories of past successes. The company that would eventually become Nissan was first established in 1918 as the Kwaishinsha Motorcar Company, Ltd. By 1925, they renamed themselves the DAT Jidosha & Company, Ltd. producing mostly trucks for the civilian and military markets, the company was eventually combined with other manufacturers in 1933 and began the line of “Datsun” vehicles. One year later, the term “Nissan” came about thanks to the formation of the Nissan Motor Company which sprang from the combination of companies involved in the merger.

By the mid-1930s Nissan produced trucks, engines and airplanes for the Japanese military, a role it would keep until the end of World War 2.?? After the war, the Datsun line of vehicles for consumer use began emerging from the company. Although highly successful in Japan, the expansion into the US market did not happen until 1959. Debuting at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the new line of Datsun vehicles made a positive impression by being smaller and providing more fuel economy than their American counterparts. As Americans and the rest of the world began discovering the advantages of Datsun vehicles, Nissan merged with the Prince Motor Company and began to add higher-grad vehicle parts to their existing line of autos. However, the biggest change that was noticeable to consumers was the introduction of the Datsun 510 or Nissan Bluebird model which was specifically designed for the US market.

A revised version of the Datsun 210, the Sentra was also released during this time period. Compact, attractive and highly fuel efficient, this vehicle along with many others from Japan enjoyed substantial success until the Oil Crisis of 1973 when demand jumped sharply for fuel economic vehicles. Nissan suddenly found itself in a very profitable position. Nissan continued to capitalize on its success, creating such vehicles as the Maxima, Pathfinder and Stanza which became big hits with consumers. All through the 1980s, Nissan continued to grow and expand their company. However, one interesting change was the end of the “Datsun” name for their vehicles which now became wholly “Nissan”. The ending of Datsun would last almost 30 years. The 1990s brought about new models, such as the Altima which helped set the standard for the Nissan brand. The continuation of the Sentra and Maxima contributed to the success that Nissan enjoyed as well, though the Altima led the way. One of the more interesting additions to the Nissan line in the past twenty years has been the “Cube”. The Cube is certainly one of the most eclectic vehicles ever mass produced by a major automaker in the past 50 years.

The dawn of the 21st century saw continued success and expansion of the Nissan line with vehicles like the Armada which was augmented by the new mid-sized Pathfinder. In addition, the Murano and Xterra were released and enjoyed some success as well. One interesting new truck model was the large Titan models that emphasized power and performance, giving Nissan a new version to compete in the US market. In addition, the 350Z and 370Z offer great style, aerodynamic design and a roadster-type performance. Overall, Nissan continues to modify and advance their current line of vehicles with new technology, such as adding carbon fiber parts, new engines, and LED light systems to name a few. In addition, Nissan is developing new lines of vehicles to compete in the 21st century.