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Mitsubishi Lighting Accessories

Mitsubishi custom modification of headlights for example are clear, bright and illuminate the road while causing far less glare for oncoming drivers. LEDs also use but a fraction of the energy required by traditional incandescent lights. However, the most important aspect is that LED bulbs are shock resistant and highly durable, lasting up to 100,000 continuous hours or longer under normal conditions. This means that the next set of LED lights you purchase for your Mitsubishi vehicle may be the last. ShopPMLIT offers HALOs, angel-eyes or Day time Running Lights (DRL) for Mitsubishi vehicles as well. Daytime running lights are on when the vehicle is in operation, meaning that you can be seen by pedestrians and oncoming traffic sooner which may avoid accidents.

In addition, we also offer Underbelly Lights or “Puddle Lights”. These lights will illuminate when you step out of the vehicle, allowing for greater overall safety. We also offer “Ghost Shadow” lights which can provide a powerful impression when leaving your Mitsubishi vehicle as well. Our goal at ShopPMLIT is to offer the best Mitsubishi Lighting Accessories and Parts on the market today. You can find out all about our light bulbs by reading our many FAQ pages which provide valuable information. In addition, if you have a specific question, we encourage you to contact us through our website via email or customer service phone line. At ShopPMLIT, we have all the lighting accessories and parts you need for your Mitsubishi vehicle.

About Mitsubishi automotive and the brand

One of the oldest manufacturing companies in Japan, Mitsubishi has created a great number of high quality vehicles that have impresses consumers and car enthusiasts alike. While sharing some similarities with their Japanese competition, Mitsubishi is also well known for adding their own style and class to the vehicles that they create.

Mitsubishi itself was founded in 1870, but they did not begin to manufacture automobiles until World War One. In 1917, the first Mitsubishi automobile was creates, the Model A which became the first passenger car ever built in Japan. However, before the Model A could be fully developed, the company shifted towards other manufacturing concerns, particular in transportation, supplies and aircraft manufacturing. During World War 2, Mitsubishi created several well known aircraft, including the famed “Zero” single-seat fighter.

After the war, the company began shifting back towards manufacturing automobiles again. However, it wasn’t until 1960 when the Mitsubishi 500, a compact sedan was released that the company managed to produce an automobile for the public. Close on the heels of the 500 was the 360 Pickup truck and 360 Van. However, these models did not make it to the US.

By 1970, Mitsubishi had reached American shores with the arrival of the Colt. At this point, Chrysler had purchased about 15% of the company and the Colt was presented as a Dodge vehicle in America because of the brand familiarity. For the rest of the 1970s, Mitsubishi would develop and create other vehicles including the Colt Galant and the Lancer, which was a rather sporty sedan with different body styles. 1982 saw Mitsubishi market vehicles under their own name in the US. The Tredia, a compact four door sedan complete with front wheel drive was the first entry, followed by the Starion and the Cordia, two more compact vehicles. The Starion boasted a turbocharged four cylinder engine. However, it was the previously released Mirage that was first developed in 1978, that helped establish Mitsubishi as one of the top imports of automobiles in the US.

By the 1990s, Mitsubishi began to expand its lineup of vehicles and released the Eclipse, one of the most successful create by the company. The Eclipse was a sports coupe that was compete with a four cylinder engine and enjoyed considerable success. Also premiering in 1990 was the Mitsubishi 3000GT which was similar to the Eclipse, but was sportier and more expensive. The rest of the decade saw Mitsubishi develop the Outlander, a compact crossover vehicle, the Lancer Evo and the Montero Sport, the midsize SUV entry. There is little doubt that Mitsubishi continues to enjoy considerable success thanks to its knack of producing the type of vehicles that the public wants, a trait that has served them well for the past several decades.

Certainly one of the most respected names in Japanese manufacturing, Mitsubishi has created a wealth of vehicles over the years that have impressed the world At ShopPMLIT, we offer a great selection of lighting accessories and parts for Mitsubishi vehicles that either augments or replaces the factory-installed light bulbs. We offer three major light systems for Mitsubishi vehicles, the CCFL, Plasma and LED. Our goal is to provide you with the best choices at low, competitive prices. Each of our light systems offers distinctive advantages. The CCFL is based on fluorescent technology which is well proven and inexpensive. The latest on the scene is Plasma, a brilliant, powerful new lighting system that features dazzling colors.