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Lincoln Automotive Lighting Parts and Accessories

At ShopPMLIT, we offer the best in lighting auto accessories and car parts for Lincoln vehicles. From the headlight to the taillight and all lights in-between, we only use the best lighting automotive parts from the finest manufacturers such as Oracle Lights. Our extensive catalog includes all the lights needed for current Lincoln vehicles as well as many other makes and models to augment or replace the standard factory bulbs in the vehicle.

In addition to offering singular lights such as head-lamps, we offer new lighting systems as well such as CCFL, Plasma and LED. Plus, ShopPMLIT sells more than just headlights and taillights as we also showcase custom headlights, projector headlights, halo lights, fog-lights or fogs, interior, decorative and more.

ShopPMLIT specializes in auto lighting parts and accessories that fit current Lincoln models. Check out our extensive online catalog and let us be your one-stop-shop when it comes to your auto lighting needs.

The Lincoln Motor Company, currently known as just Lincoln, was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland but was quickly absorbed into the Ford Motor Company in 1922 where it became a subsidiary to produce higher-end vehicles.

Named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Motor Company started out assembling Liberty aircraft engines with cylinders that were supplied by Ford. After the war ended, Lincoln then switched to manufacturing luxury vehicles. Although purchased by Ford in 1922, the company remained somewhat independent until 1940.

The period between the wars demonstrated the ability of Lincoln to produce fine luxury automobiles made for the higher-end market. However, it was in 1940 that the Lincoln Continental was first produced, a design based on the personal needs of Edsel Ford who wanted a European-style luxury vehicle to drive. In 1959, the Lincoln Town Car made its first appearance as a formal-roof sedan that only came in black.

By the 1960s, Lincoln had entered the “Continental” era and produced the last ever four-door convertible on American shores. During this time, the “Mark” series was developed which helped to signify the Lincoln vehicles over the next few decades.

The Oil Crisis of 1973 hit the Lincoln company hard as people were looking for more fuel-efficient vehicles and the designs churned out by Lincoln looked increasingly old fashions as compared to the luxury vehicles of other companies. However, around the turn of the 21st century, Lincoln was able to revise its lineup and start producing vehicles that were more in line with modern vehicles. Gone was the “Mark” series and introduced were newer, sleeker designs that still retained the overall look of Lincoln.

Currently, the Lincoln modes being offered consist of the MKS and MKZ sedans, the Navigator and Navigator L SUVs and the MKT, MKX and MKC CUVs of which the MKC is scheduled for release in the 2015 model year. In addition, Lincoln offers two vehicles used exclusively for limousine or livery services that are based on the MKT model. Plus, in Mexico the Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck which is based on the Ford F150.