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Land Rover
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Land Rover

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Land Rover

Land Rover and LED Technology

Land Rover has been embracing new advances in automotive technology since the first Series I vehicle was released back in the late 1940s. Today, Land Rover has incorporated new engine designs, materials and advanced technology to keep track with the latest advances. One of the most interesting is the use of LED light bulbs for their vehicles. ShopPMLIT offers a complete range of Land Rover Accessories and Parts, including our famous CCFL, LED and Plasma lights technology. LEDs offer many advantages that owners of Land Rover vehicles can greatly benefit.

What is LED technology?

The light emitting diode or LED actually goes back more than a century, but only in recent years has advances in technology and materials allowed the LED to become the practical, affordable light source for all types of applications. Today, you can find LED lights in flashlights, TV sets, homes, outdoor lighting and even massive stadium video boards. The LED is replacing the current halogen or incandescent bulbs in automobiles as well, such as the Land Rover models. ShopPMLIT offers LED bulbs for the Land Rover and many other makes and models of vehicles for headlights, taillights, license plate, interior and many other applications as well. LED lights offer many advantages over the standard factory bulbs that many Land Rover vehicles still use.

Illumination: LEDs provide bright, clean illumination that produces very little glare. The reduced glare is very important for headlights which light up the road without causing issues with oncoming drivers. Electricity: Because almost all the energy used by an LED produces light, they require only a fraction of the power that older incandescent bulbs use. This means that your Land Rover’s electrical system become far less taxed when operating the headlights, air conditioner, stereo and other features at the same time. Durability: LED lights are very impact and shock resistant, which is very helpful when driving over rough terrain or your daily commute. In fact, LED lights will last at least 60,000 continuous hours which translates into more than 11 years of normal use. For many Land Rover drivers, they may never have to purchase another LED for their vehicle again.

For more information about LED lights for your Land Rover vehicle, ShopPMLIT has an online catalog that offers many different choices. If you have any questions, we encourage you to look at the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page about our LED lights. However, you can also contact us through our website via email or call our customer service line. At ShopPMLIT, we have the LED lights you want for your Land Rover.

The British car manufacturer Land Rover is most famous for creating four-wheel drive vehicles that have been sold around the world. The second oldest four wheel vehicle brand behind the famed Jeep line, Land Rover has been producing rugged, durable and widely popular vehicles for consumers everywhere. Although they have produced many different models over the years, most of them share enough common traits to be recognized as the Land Rover brand. With their headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire UK, Land Rover continues to excel in upgrading their vehicles with new technology and innovations.

The actual history of Land Rover is two-fold, the original company that manufactured the vehicle and the subsequent launch of the Land Rover Company itself. In 1948, the Rover Company began manufacturing a single type of vehicle, the Land Rover. The original Land Rover itself was modified, upgraded and improved over the years as it was a considerable hit with the public. For the next twenty years, the Rover Company continued to produce the Land Rover model, a vehicle designed by Maurice Wilks who got his inspiration from the American Jeeps of World War 2. The rugged design and emphasis on power, suspension and increased ground clearance made the Land Rover vehicle perfect for off-road environments. After the launching of the Series I, Series II and Series IIA, the Land Rover became well established in the UK market and enjoyed success overseas as well. By 1967 however, the Rover Company was purchased by Leyland Motors Ltd, later to become known as British Leyland. The initial result of the new ownership was the creation of the Range Rover, one of the most successful lines of four wheel drive all-terrain vehicles every produced for commercial use.

The 1970s saw significant change in the fortune of British Leyland. While the Range Rover and subsequent Series III of the Land Rover enjoyed ample success over the first half the decade, it was not enough to stop the collapse of British Leyland. The result was a re-organization of the British Leyland company and the establishment of a separate Land Rover division. All of this nearly coincided with the one millionth Land Rover leaving the production line in 1976. By 1978, Land Rover was essentially its own company and began work on the Land Rover 90, a vehicle that would be released during the early 1980s.

The 1980s heralded the arrival of the Range Rover to the US marketplace in 1986. Still, enjoying worldwide success, Land Rover kept upgrading their existing line to conform with the latest advances and incorporate new innovations as well. By the 1990s, the highly successful Range Rover design was upgraded to a second generation, leaving the popular first generation to become the Range Rover Classic.

Success continued for Land Rover with the release of the Freelander, the second generation of the Discovery model and further upgrades to their existing line as the 21st century approached. By 2005, the Range Rover Sport appeared on the scene and the company itself went under numerous changes in ownership until finally being purchased by Tata Motors in 2008. However, all the turmoil of ownership changes didn’t affect the quality, performance or durability of the Land Rover line of vehicles that continues to be quite popular in the world marketplace. The new changes have merely brought about new efforts to keep all the current Land Rover models current with today’s technology and demands from consumers. In essence, the line of Land Rover vehicles remains one of the best SUV-type vehicles built for all-terrain driving. The classic “boxy” look of the Land Rover is still quite recognizable by today’s consumers as being a symbol of a smooth, practical and powerful driving experience over many types of terrain. The focus on improving established designs that already work well is the trademark of an excellent company. Land Rover remains one of the jewels of the auto industry.