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Hummer LED Lights Accessories

ShopPMLIT offers a wide range of Hummer Lights and Parts for all models. The LED is a combination of advanced design, durability, low energy use and versatility which makes them the perfect choice for your Hummer. ShopPMLIT has Hummer LEDs for your headlights, taillights, interior, license plate and more. LEDs do carry advantages over their incandescent counterparts, as well as other types of light systems, including halo ring and other types of lights. For example, between the traditional CCFL and the new Plasma lights, LEDs provide clear, bright light that uses only a fraction of the electricity that CCFL and Plasma lights need. Plus, LED lights come in multiple colors that can create unique halo rings or add distinction to your Hummer as well. You can check out our website to find out more about information about the differences between CCFL, Plasma and LED lights.

LEDs offer many advantage to Hummer owners that start with the clean, bright light they produce which illuminates the road without producing much in the way of glare. Also, Hummer LEDs need only a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs use, which helps your Hummer’s electrical system when running the air conditioner, stereo and so forth. Plus, Hummer LED bulbs will last from 60,000 to over 100,000 hours of continual use, which means your next purchase could be the last Hummer LEDs you buy for your vehicle. For more information about Hummer LEDs for your vehicle, ShopPMLIT has an online catalog featuring all the different choices available. We also provide a convenient FAQ page that provides important information LEDs so you can make the best informed decision. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact ShopPMLIT through our website via email or by our customer service phone line. At ShopPMLIT, we have the Hummer accessories and parts, including the LED lights you need for your vehicle.

About Hummer the motoring company

The Hummer is certainly one of the more unique brand of trucks and SUVs to hit the marketplace. Originally designed as a replacement to the venerable Jeep series for the US military forces, the Hummer has now become a part of the American driving experience. The name “Humvee” or “Hum-Vee” which was the vehicles original designation for military use is an acronym for “High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicle”. The origins of the Hummer go back to the 1980s when the US military was looking for a replacement to their Jeeps, which had been around since World War 2. The purpose was to create a bigger, stronger, more resilient vehicle that could handle all the needs of modern military forces. The result was the Hummer, a large, powerful vehicle that created a very positive impression not only for US military forces, but also on the civilian public who marveled at this powerful vehicle.

AM General, a division of the Jeep brand, began offering the first version of the Humvee, now re-branded as the Hummer H1 to the general public in 1992. The notoriety of the vehicle got a boost from popular star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who pressured the company to create a civilian version, purchased one of the first models to roll off the line. The H1 came in three versions, the conventional wagon, a four-door hard-top pickup truck and a convertible with a soft top. The H1 also came in a two-door pickup and the four-door “slant back” version as well. The massive V8 engine came in conventional and turbocharged diesel versions and pulled the vehicle along nicely.

AM General continued to produce the fabled H1 model until 1998 when they sold the brand name to GM. General Motors took over all of the marketing and then addressed the need for future versions of this model. The future versions of the Hummer, the H2 and H3 models were smaller, more fuel efficient versions that were based on GM platforms. The idea was to create a more consumer-friendly version of the Hummer, while retaining the basic appearance that attracted customers. The H2, which made its debut in 2003, was not as heavy and sported thinner sides than the H1, but was also longer and taller as well. The V8 engine produced 393 hp and the H2 could fit six people inside comfortably.

At the same time, the H1 was being exported to dozens of countries increasing the popularity of the line. Unfortunately, the H1 did not meet stricter emissions laws in the US and with competition from the smaller SUVs and crossover line of vehicles. It was phased out by the end of the decade. The H3 was introduced in 2006, a more compact version that kept the familiar shape of the Hummer, but in a smaller package. The H3 is also available with a truck bed and is often referred to as a “sports utility truck”. Unfortunately, the Hummer line seems to have come to an end because of changing consumer taste and the heavy competition from other auto manufacturers. Still, there are plenty of Hummers that still run the roads today, a powerful vehicle that remains firmly on the American scene.