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Honda Lighting Accessories

One of the more interesting Honda lights accessories and parts advances in automotive technology is the advancement of the LED light. The light emitting diode (LED) has become one of the more popular lights in the past decade thanks to a number of advantages. Low Power Requirement: LEDs take up only a fraction of the power that standard halogen or incandescent bulbs need. This low power capacity means less pull on the vehicles electrical system. Versatility: LED lights can be used for headlights, taillights, interior, license plate and virtually every type of light on an automobile. Colors: For certain type of automotive lights, LEDs can provide different colors that can help augment your Honda vehicle in a wide variety of ways.

For Honda vehicles, the addition of LED lights makes for a number of improvements ranging from the clean, bright headlights to colorful accessories LEDs that can improve the overall look of the vehicle. The low power requirement of the LEDs means that the Honda’s electrical system is not being as taxed as before. We have a complete line of LED lights for Honda vehicles. We ask that you search our catalog to find the type of LEDs you desire. If you have any questions about our LED lights for Honda vehicles, please contact us through our website either via email or phone.

About Honda the motoring company

The eighth largest auto manufacturer in the world also happens to be the world’s largest producer of motorcycles, a title that Honda has held since 1959. Honda is certainly one of the most prolific and successful auto manufacturing companies and they continue to produce all types of vehicles to meet the needs of customers around the world. One interesting note is that Honda also produces more internal combustion engines that any other manufacturer as well, denoting how complete and diversified Honda has become. Second in Japan in total automotive manufacturing behind Toyota, Honda has carved out a solid niche in the auto market. In addition to introducing its luxury line of autos under the name “Acura”, Honda has also been heavily involved in artificial intelligence and robotics research and aerospace development as well.

The start of Honda centers on Soichiro Honda, who as a young man had a fascination with automobiles. He started as an auto mechanic, turning off-the-line vehicles into racing cars when he began the Tokai Seiki company in 1937 that manufactured piston rings for Toyota. After a few fits and starts, by 1941 his company was mass producing high quality piston rings that used an automated process that could employ unskilled workers in manufacturing. World War 2 changed the fortunes for Soichiro Honda considerably as his company was essentially melded into Toyota and his manufacturing plants destroyed by a B-29 raid and a subsequent earthquake. Selling his interest from the company to Toyota, Soichiro founded the Honda Technical Research Institute in 1946 and began building motorcycles from older engines and war surplus. By 1949, Honda released its first complete motorcycle, the Model D and within two decades became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world.

By the early 1960s, Honda expanded its line to build automobiles. In 1963, Honda released the T360 mini-pickup truck and the S500 sports car shortly followed. The unique chain driven rear wheels harkened to the motorcycle origins of the company. However, Honda expanded upon their line of compact cars and small pickup trucks to create a sizable market in the US and around the world. Their success in America was founded on the Honda Civic, released in 1973 amid the OPEC oil crisis, the Civic was well regarded by consumers for its durable design and gas mileage. In 1976, Honda introduced the Accord to much acclaim and both vehicles, along with the success of their motorcycle line, help engrain Honda as one of the more popular vehicle manufactures for the US market.

By 1986, Honda became the first Japanese auto manufacturer to create a successful line of luxury vehicles with the Acura. Over the decades, Honda has produced a number of different lines of vehicles, including the NSX supercar, the first all aluminum vehicle that included a V6 engine with variable valve-timing. By the 1990s, the introduction of the S2000 and the Prelude helped expand the choices from Honda and expose a new market for their automobiles.

Honda continues to expand its line of vehicles, appealing to new generations with a variety of designs. A new 4x4 pickup truck, the Ridgeline, is one of Honda’s latest offerings and combines the cab and bed into a single unit, essentially making it a type of SUV. In addition, Hondo offers the Element and Pilot, two sports utility vehicles that provide extra cargo space and new technical advances. The CR-V is the crossover model for Honda, a well designed SUV that is highly dependable in a surprisingly compact model. While the Acura and Civic continue to ride high on success, Honda has entered the subcompact market with the Fit series hatchback that features considerable gas mileage and a comfortable ride. For over half a century, Honda automobiles have been remarkably successful with the car buying public, helping to create one of the most successful lines of vehicles in the world.