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Dodge Viper Lighting Accessories

We offer three major light systems for the Dodge Viper, the CCFL, Plasma and LED. Our goal is to provide you with the best choices at low, competitive prices. Each of our light systems offers distinctive advantages. The CCFL is based on fluorescent technology which is well proven and inexpensive. The latest on the scene is Plasma, a brilliant, powerful new lighting system that features dazzling colors.

Dodge Viper Lighting Accessories and lights also come with distinctive advantages as well. The Dodge Viper custom modification of headlights for example are clear, bright and illuminate the road while causing far less glare for oncoming drivers. LEDs also use but a fraction of the energy required by traditional incandescent lights. However, the most important aspect is that LED bulbs are shock resistant and highly durable, lasting up to 100,000 continuous hours or longer under normal conditions. This means that the next set of LED lights you purchase for your Viper may be the last.

ShopPMLIT offers HALOs, angel-eyes or Day time Running Lights (DRL) for the Dodge Viper as well. Daytime running lights are on when the vehicle is in operation, meaning that you can be seen by pedestrians and oncoming traffic sooner which may avoid accidents. In addition, we also offer Underbelly Lights or “Puddle Lights”. These lights will illuminate when you step out of the vehicle, allowing for greater overall safety. We also offer “Ghost Shadow” lights which can provide a powerful impression when leaving the Viper as well. Our goal at ShopPMLIT is to offer the best Dodge Viper Lighting Accessories and Parts on the market today. You can find out all about our light bulbs by reading our many FAQ pages which provide valuable information. In addition, if you have a specific question, we encourage you to contact us through our website via email or customer service phone line. At ShopPMLIT, we have all the lighting accessories and parts you need for your Dodge Viper.

About Dodge Viper

Although currently known as the SRT Viper, the Dodge Viper is a powerful V10-powered sports car that was manufactured by Dodge for over 20 years. The Dodge Viper has enjoyed a rich history and is still one of the more celebrated sports cars in the world.

Designed by Caroll Shelby, the first Dodge Viper left the assembly line just in time for the 1992 model year. A powerful high performance sports car that featured a 7.98L V10 engine boasting 400 hp, the original engine was so heavy that it had to be redesigned by Lamborghini and used new aluminum parts so that the structure of the vehicle could support the weight. The six-speed manual transmission directed the power to the rear wheels. Featuring a long body, the parts for the Dodge Viper were constructed from tubular steep and fiberglass in order to minimize the weight, yet remain sturdy and dependable. Because of this concern about weight, there was no traction control, air conditioning or ABS brakes included, unlike other contemporary vehicles.

However, many drivers who appreciated the Viper going from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds didn’t mind the missing features, especially with a top speed of 165 mph. The original design lasted until 1996 when a new version was released called the GTS. This coupe version featured the same size engine, but boosted the horsepower to 450. This increased the overall top speed to 187 mph and the Viper now went from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds flat. In addition to the new power, the engine was significantly reduced in weight as well. Only the SRT-10 version remained in the line up for the Dodge Viper, now offered as a two-door coupe or two-door roadster convertible. By the 21st century, the engine was increased in size and power again, boasting an 8.3L V10 with 500 hp.

The fourth generation of the Dodge Viper was introduced in 2008, increasing the size of the engine yet again to 8.4L V10 with 600 hp. The new exhaust system eliminated any excess heat entering the cockpit while new anti-roll bars, springs and sport tires were added. Reaching a speed of 2002 mph and going from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds, this version of the Viper was the fastest built to that point.

In addition to the speed and power, the Dodge Viper has also won numerous awards both on the race track and from the automotive industry as well, being named runner-up for Motor Trend’s Car of the Year and being named Automobile Magazine Automobile Racing Car of the Year for 2000. Today, the Dodge Viper has now been renamed the SRT Viper, but it still has the same basic features and overall incredible performance of the historic Dodge Viper. The speed, power and awesome look of the Dodge Viper has captivated car enthusiasts for over two decades. At ShopPMLIT, we offer a great selection of lighting accessories and parts for the Dodge Viper that either augments or replaces the factory-installed light bulbs.