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Chevy Lighting Accessories

Chevrolet is a leader in the auto industry when it comes to providing new technology in their vehicles. From their famous introduction of power brakes, windows and seats back in the 1950s to today with incorporating lighter weight materials in their vehicle frames and engines to new advances in LED technology as well. ShopPMLIT is proud to provide to you many Chevy lights and Parts, such as LED, CCFL and Plasma lights for all types of Chevy vehicles. The light emitting diode (LED) is actually technology that dates back over a century, but thanks to recent advances in materials and electronics, the LED is now taking over the world as the light source from light bulbs, flashlights, LED screen TVs and even stadium video boards. For Chevrolet, ShopPMLIT provides a wide range of aftermarket LED bulbs that range from headlights, taillights, license plate, interior and much, much more.

The advantages of the LEDs are considerable, starting with the clean, bright light that they produce. For headlights, LEDs can illuminate the road with far less glare than traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs, making them safer for oncoming drivers and helping to avoid collisions as well. LEDs are quite popular as interior and taillights as well because they draw far less from the vehicle’s electrical system. This means that the air conditioner, stereo and other components of your Chevy vehicle are not as taxed when running at once. Finally, LEDs last from 60,000 to 100,000 hours or more of continual use which is generally far longer than most people normally use their vehicles. ShopPMLIT has a wide range of LED lights for all types of Chevrolet vehicles. We ask you to check out our online catalog to find the LEDs to suit your needs. If you have any questions, we do provide a FAQ page all about LED lights, but we also encourage you to call our customer service line or contact us through our website via email. At ShopPMLIT, we are here to help you find the right LEDs for your Chevy.

About Chevy the motoring company

One of the most recognizable names in American automobiles, Chevrolet or “Chevy” as they are often called, is a brand of General Motors which has been producing automobiles for over a century. Founded by William Durant and racecar driver Louis Chevrolet sells a wide range of vehicles including subcompacts, mid-size and luxury-class automobiles to pickup trucks, SUVs and even medium-duty commercial trucks.?? Chevrolet has also incorporated new innovations such as improved engines, lighter-weight materials, LED lights and more in their automobiles over the years. The emblematic “bow tie” logo was actually incorporated in 1914, although there is some controversy as to the origins, it appears to be based on the Coalette Coal Company logo which was quite popular at the time?

With the backing of William Durant, Louis Chevrolet founded the motor company named after himself in 1911. Durant’s intention was to use the Chevrolet name to help promote the vehicles created by the company. The first effort, the Series C Classic Six, was very expensive and was slow to be produced. By the beginning of World War One, Chevrolet began expanding its line of vehicles although Louis Chevrolet himself had left by 1915 and two years later Chevy was merged into General Motors. At that point, Chevy began expanding their factories based in part on the success of the inexpensive Series 490. From that point onward, Chevy became known for its more reasonably priced vehicles. The following decades were marked by ups and downs in Chevrolet’s fortunes as they introduced new lines of four and five passenger vehicles. In fact, the Standard Six series that was introduced at the beginning of the 1930’s was proudly proclaimed as the “cheapest six-cylinder car on sale” in the US.

This approach actually benefitted Chevrolet greatly and influenced the American automotive market for the decades to come. By the 1950s, Chevrolet began producing vehicles that would become favorites in the US marketplace such as the famed Corvette in 1953. This two-seater sports car with the fiberglass body was remarkably successful and was followed by other popular vehicles such as the Corvair in 1960. By the middle of the 1960’s, one out of every ten vehicles sold in the US were Chevys. Although known for creating less expensive vehicles, the larger Chevy Impala became one of the best selling automobiles in history. By the end of the 1960s, Chevrolet enjoyed the status of being one of America’s most respected and popular automakers. This was in large part due to the many innovations that Chevy had introduced in their vehicles, such as power windows, seats and brakes which were highly popular.?? Plus, the vaunted Camero was introduced, a vehicle that would become a classic in all regards.

Like many US automakers, Chevy vehicles took a downturn in popularity thanks to the oil crisis which had many of their customers looking for more fuel efficient vehicles. While Chevrolet’s answer to Japanese automakers in terms of more compact, fuel efficient cars was somewhat hit and miss,, one aspect of the Chevy line that did expand greatly was their pickup trucks. The popularity of the pickup truck expanded greatly over the ensuing decades with Chevrolet in the lead. This trend led to creating more advanced truck as well as the introduction of the sports utility vehicle (SUV). The famous Blazer and Suburban models were very well received and created two of the strongest selling SUVs from an American automaker. The rest of the 20th century saw Chevrolet expand upon their strengths and introduce new lines of vehicles that were highly praised such as the Monte Carlo, Caprice, Nova and the sedan version of the famed Camero. As with the rest of the auto industry, Chevy has had its share of ups and down in terms of sales, but overall the line is strong with many established models such as the Impala and Corvette being supported by newer models such as the Avalanche, Kodiak, and Trailblazer just to name of few. Chevrolet has created vehicles for everyone and that include providing a line of hybrid and all-electric autos that have garnered much praise. The plug-in electric Chevrolet Volt won the 2012 North American, European and World Green Car of the Year in 2012.