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Chevrolet Camaro Lighting Accessories

With the Chevy Camaro coming back stronger than ever, the new technologies and materials that allowed for such a comeback to happen have been vital to its success. One of the more interesting is the advancement of the Chevy Camaro Lights Accessories and Parts, such as the LED or light emitting diode which is replacing conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs in the Camaro and virtually all other vehicles. Of the three major light technologies available, CCFL, Plasma and LED, the LED lights provide clear, bright light that uses only a fraction of the electrical power the of CCFL and Plasma bulbs. Plus, LEDs come in multiple colors to create unique effects for halo ring and other type of light configurations. Please check out our website to find out more about the differences between CCFL, Plasma and LED lights for your vehicle.

At ShopPMLIT, we offer LED, CCFL and Plasma accessories for headlights, taillights, interior and more for the Chevy Camaro at low, affordable prices. Plus, lighting such as LEDs offer many advantages for the Camaro. LED headlights produce a bright, clean light that is more directed to illuminate the road in front of you and greatly reduce glare. Plus, LEDs use but a fraction of the electricity that standard incandescent bulbs do, which means far less taxing on your vehicle’s electrical system. Plus, LEDs are shock resistant and can last up to 100,000 hours of continual use, which means that they may be the last lights you purchase for your Camaro. Find out more about LEDs for your Chevy Camaro at ShopPMLIT. We offer a wide range of LEDs for your Camaro and also include a FAQ page filled with information about how LEDs can work for your vehicle. If you have any questions about LEDs, please contact us through our website via email or call our customer service line so our friendly, courteous staff can respond quickly. At ShopPMLIT, we have the Chevy Camaro Accessories and Parts you need for your vehicle.

About Chevrolet Camaro

One of the all-time great muscle cars, the Chevrolet Camaro has enjoyed a rich history over nearly half a century. From the time it rolled off the line in 1966 to compete with the Ford Mustang to today’s fifth generation, the Chevy Camaro is still turning heads. Manufactured under the GM banner, the Chevy Camaro shared many of this components and platform with the Pontiac Firebird. However, today fans of the Camaro are enjoying its fifth generation and this muscle car seems well poised to maintain its popularity with a new generation of consumers as well.

History of the Chevy Camaro

The mid-1960s represented a time of great change in the evolution of the automobile. With cheap gas prices and new advances in technology and engine design, the era of the muscle car was on the horizon. The introduction of the Ford Mustang caused an immediate response with other automakers, including Chevrolet who began work on what would be the Camaro. The name “Camaro” did not exist in the English language. Instead, it was suggested that the name meant “Go!” or as one Chevy product manager stated, “It is a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs.” The first showing of the Camaro occurred on September 12th, 1966 at a press preview and the vehicle went on sale later that month.

The first generation of Chevy Camaro boasted a powerful V8 engine in somewhat compact sports car frame. The Camaro helped to usher in the era of the muscle car with its lighter frame, yet highly powerful engine. The first generation only lasted until 1969 as new improvements caused the creation of a second generation of Camaro. The second generation which was introduced in February, 1970 became highly success and lasted for well over a decade. This new generation was greatly re-styled and boasted a larger, wider frame. Road & Track Magazine called the Camaro one of the 10 best cars in 1971. This new design even survived the Oil Crisis of 1973 which caused many consumers to look for more fuel efficient models. By the beginning of the 1980s, an air scoop was introduced in their Z28 package.

The third generation of Camaro, introduced in 1982 also lasted a decade and represented another re-design that included modern fuel injection and even hatchback versions as well which only enhanced the popularity of this model. The Camaro became somewhat sleeker and the emphasis on sheer power was reduced in favor of newer styling and overall performance. Almost on cue, the fourth generation of Camaro appeared in 1993 and again, lasted for nearly a decade. This was more of an update with upgraded features which kept the vaunted small-block V8 engine that produced plenty of power. There were different models, including a sleek convertible which was quite stylish. As 2002 approached, a 35th Anniversary version of the Camaro was introduced, however, the declining popularity of sports cars led to the Camaro being discontinued in the same year. It seemed at least for the foreseeable future, that the Camaro line had ended.

However, the creation of a new design and new platform led to the revival of the Camaro in 2010. While production began in 2006, the new line was officially introduced for the 2010 market and received many accolades, including 2010 World Car Design of the Year at the World Car of the Year Awards. The V8 engine remained along with the familiar body shape, but new advances in materials and technology were incorporated as well. These improvements have continued as the Camaro has enjoyed a remarkable comeback. If anything, the Chevy Camaro appears stronger and more popular than ever thanks to its classic style and robust power which provides that feeling of freedom on the open highways.