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Acura Lighting Accessories

ShopPMLIT has a wide range of Acura Accessories and Parts, LED lights being one of them for many Acura models. The combination of advanced design, durability, practically, versatility and low electrical consumption has created a high demand for LED lights. ShopPMLIT has all the different types you need for headlights, taillights, interior, license plate and other lights where LEDs work well. LEDs offer many advantages to Acura owners starting with the clean, bright light that emanates from the headlights. The light from LEDs is not only comparable to incandescent, but they put out far less glare which can help avoid accidents with oncoming vehicles. In addition, LEDs need only a fraction of the electricity that incandescent or halogen bulbs use, which means that the Acura’s electrical system is not nearly so taxed when other devices, such as the air conditioner or stereo are running.?? For more information about LED lights for your Acura vehicle, ShopPMLIT has an online catalog with many different choices. If you have any questions, we encourage you to look at our frequently asked questions or FAQ page about LED lights. If you cannot find your answer there, then contact us through our website via email or call our customer service line. At ShopPMLIT, we have the LED lights you want for your Acura.

About Acura the brand

The Acura is certainly one of the more celebrated luxury automakers in the world today. A division of the Honda Motor Company, the Acura has been impressing consumers since their initial launch into the US and Canadian marketplace in 1986. Today, the Acura is sold around the world and has become only more popular with the passage of time. The origins of the Acura begin in the late 1970s when Honda, one of the largest automakers in the world, began exploring the options of launching a luxury vehicle line. After nearly a decade of research, the result was the launching of the Acura in 1986. This effort coincided with the opening of the Honda Clio, a dealership sales channel which offered luxury vehicles that was followed by the Honda Primo.

For the first few years, the Acura became one of the biggest selling luxury vehicles in the US. With the slogan, “Acura: Precision Crafted Performance”, the brand enjoyed healthy sales thanks to its superb design and timing which coincided with a new demand of luxury automobiles from US customers. The initial offering of the Acura consisted of two models; Legend: This executive class mode was the result of Project XX, a joint venture that Honda entered with Austin Rover Group, a UK firm. The Legend is somewhat similar to the Rover 800 series. Integra: This was the compact version that came in either five door or three door hatchback models. The Integra was essentially an improved version of the Honda Quint hatchback. The success of both models, particularly the Legend led to other Japanese automakers, particularly Toyota and Nissan to reinforce their development of the Lexus and Infiniti respectively. However, the Legend was actually meant to compete with the Nissan Cedric and Toyota Crown versions, which enjoyed moderate success. Even Ford got into the act by developing a version of the new Lincoln Continental which was based on their Taurus platform.

The key to the success of the Acura was the performance-based design that emphasized style and efficiency while maintaining superior luxury features. Acura also became the first Japanese luxury auto brand to open up divisions in the US. Plus, their Legend and Integra models were to influence other luxury automakers as well. For its initial release, both versions of the Acura did quite well and were comparable to sales of luxury vehicles from BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. The release of the NSX in 1990 was a highly ambitious design, an all-aluminum sports car powered by a V6 engine. The NSX was highly praised for its style, reliability and performance, although the brand itself turned out to be short-lived, it did influence the direction of the Acura line. Although the Acura line was very well received, including a new version of the Integra, sales dipped in the mid to late 1990s. While opinion is divided as to why such a dip occurred, it was probably due to a combination of less than thrilling designs and increased competition which peeled away many potential Acura customers.

The turning of the 21st century saw a revival in the Acura line, thanks in large part to new, inspired designs and a re-focus on what made Acura so desirable to luxury-vehicle enthusiasts. The introduction of the TL in 2000 turned the brand around. In addition, the SUV crossover MDX, which was a pioneering design at the time along with the TSX, an upscale version of the BMW 3 Series helped bolster Acura sales considerably. The entire effort became more youth oriented and the result was stronger sales with sportier, livelier version of the Acura line. The Acura line has grown considerably over the first part of the 21st century, especially their MDX, TL and TSX models. The considerable success is rooted in the emphasis on performance-based design that emphasizes youth while providing great durability and considerable fuel economy as well. The marketing campaign for Acura has also kept up with the times, making them one of the most recognizable names in luxury-auto manufacturing.

There is no doubt that Acura will keep its formula for successful designs in the years to come, featuring new versions of established models as well as incorporating new technologies , new engine designs, LED lights and so forth. However, what makes Acura designs so attractive, which is the combination of dazzle, practicality and performance will certainly stay with the celebrated line of luxury vehicles. Of the many different advances in technology that the Acura has embraced, one of the most interesting is the rising prominence of LED technology. The light emitting diode (LED) has actually been around for more than a century, but only in the past decade has the development of new materials and technology allowed it to replace the standard halogen or incandescent bulbs found on all types of vehicles, including the Acura.